Legendary Country Musicians Come Together For Spine-Tingling Medley Of Gospel Classics

There is something special about county music that moves us and touches our hearts in a way that seems to go beyond other genres of music.

From the heartfelt lyrics to the resonating strumming of a guitar, country music has always been able to bring people to their feet to appreciate the work that the artists put into their songs.

One of the greatest things about country music artists is their deep respect and admiration for each other. Unlike other genres, country musicians rarely have feuds or say negative things about other artists’ music.

Instead, they support and appreciate each other, always willing to collaborate for the sake of an even-greater song than they may have released solo. Country music artists often collaborate in groups for big events or to celebrate a momentous milestone.


One of the most memorable group performances was in 2006. Some of country music's biggest legends came together to perform on stage at New York’s Carnegie Hall to honor a very special show.

The majority of country music superstars have been guests on the Grand Ole Opry. 2006 marked the show’s 80th anniversary. Country music stars came together to honor the Grand Ole Opry with a performance that deeply moved everyone who had the pleasure of seeing the event unfold.

The lineup of stars didn’t choose to select some of the most famous country songs in history. Instead, they wanted to honor the anniversary with a medley of moving gospel songs that would go on until the curtain closed.

Songs like “I Saw The Light,” I’ll Fly Away,” and “Will The Circle Be Unbroken,” mesmerized the crowd. The lineup included Martina McBride, Charley Pride, Ricky Skaggs, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins, Trisha Yearwood, and more.

Alan Jackson kicked off the performance with a solo of “I’ll Fly Away” before additional sings chimed in with harmonies powerful enough to give you goosebumps. The audience was immediately alive and on their feet with roaring applause and cheers for the musicians.

Not every country music legend got their own solo, but it was very clear that every person on stage was thrilled to be a part of the moment spent honoring the Grand Ole Opry.

Are you a country music fan? If so, what does a tribute like this mean to you? If you aren’t, what type of music means a great deal to you? Let us know a time when a performance has truly moved you. We love to hear your stories.

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