Left Alone By Mom, Wild Horse Becomes Buddies With Donkey In Sanctuary

Aug 01, 2020 by apost team

When a beautiful horse named Dream first came to a sanctuary, it was difficult for the staff to understand all that she had been through. Abandoned by her mom, it was obvious this wild horse had been through hard times. So, the staff at the sanctuary sought to make life as easy and comfortable as they could for this fighter. And yet, for all we all know, a donkey named Joe played a big part in her eventual recovery.

An Unfortunate Beginning to Life

Dream, a beautiful horse residing at Skydog Sanctuary, was not always fortunate enough to have the life that she currently does at this outstanding home. When she first arrived at the facility, the employees were shocked at how weak and broken she appeared to be.

In rough shape from fighting her entire life, this majestic creature that should be galloping through the fields with ease was distraught and disheartened. Barely able to walk off the trailer, the staff at the sanctuary knew they had a long, hard challenge ahead of them. Without help from another rescue, a donkey named Joe, this story may have taken a turn for the worse.


Forming a Bond

At the same time Dream was brought into the sanctuary, a donkey named Joe also made his arrival. Named after Joe Pesci, the little donkey came to Sky Sanctuary from Texas. As the sanctuary wrote on Facebook, from the moment they met, it is almost as though these two were destined to be friends.

Quickly becoming inseparable, Dream began to regain strength, freedom, and hope with help from fellow rescue, Joe. Though it took some time to build up her strength and get back to good health, eventually Dream and Joe began to do everything together. From eating and grooming to galloping and playing, Dream and Joe have developed a strong bond.

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