Learn The Interesting Truth Behind Your Birthday

Aug 07, 2017 by apost team

TITLES: 1. What Does Your Birthday Say About You?2. Learn The Interesting Truth Behind Your Birthday3. Find Out The Secret Meaning in Your Date of BirthBirthdays are a one-of-a-kind celebration that celebrates the remembrance of your birth. Filled with cake and presents, birthdays are often expressed as the most exciting day in most people’s lives. However, it’s so much more than that. Some people believe that the numbers in your birthday actually describe who you are, your abilities, as well as your hidden talents. In this article, we will be exploring this belief system, as well as how to tell the interesting story behind your date of birth.

Finding Your Birth Number

Finding your birth number is easy to do and can tell what kind of abilities and talents you have hidden away that might surprise you. To start, add up the numbers in your birthday together. For example, if your birth date is 03/20/1950, you do 3 + 20 + 1950, which would equal 1973. Then you add the singular digits of that number, 1 + 9 +7+ 3, which would equal 20. Then you break it down even further, 2 + 0, which equals 2. Since you ended up with the number two, this will be your birth number. From there, these birth numbers are assigned individual roles that detail your abilities and skills: 1. Originator2. Peacemaker3. Life of the party4. Conservative5. Nonconformist6. Romantic7. Intellectual8. Big shot9. Performer

1. Originator

If your number is one, you are an originator. An originator is an original person. They are responsible for creating new ideas and thoughts. However, this often also makes than arrogant and stubborn people. Originators are honest and know how to be diplomatic. They also know how to take initiative and become leaders. Job roles that originators usually take include being self-employed. Famous originators include Tom Hanks, Hulk Hogan, Wynona Judd, Nancy Reagan, and Robert Redford.

2. Peacemaker

If your number is two, you are a peacemaker. Peacemakers are naturally born diplomats and often think of others before themselves. These kinds of people don’t like being alone and need companionships. However, peacemakers are also naturally shy and need to learn to have self-esteem, while being able to express themselves at will. Famous peacemakers include Madonna, President Bill Clinton, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Thomas Edison.

3. Life of the Party

If your number is three, you are the life of the party. Although you are an idealist, you are easy going and social. Even though they may start good ideas, they often cannot complete them. Plus, they frequently do anything they can to make others happy. However, no matter how social or outgoing they are, they need to experience life more realistically.Famous people who are the life of the party include Bill Cosby, Alan Alda, Melanie Griffith, and Jodi Foster.

4. Conservative

If your number is four, you are a conservative. You try to keep traditions and prefer routine compared to chaos. They are often outdoors and prefer doing the dirty work. Conservative people have respect for themselves, but can be persistent and stubborn at times. Famous conservatives include Margaret Thatcher, Tina Turner, Neil Diamond, Paul Hogan, and Oprah Winfrey.

5. Nonconformist

If your number is five, you are a nonconformist. You enjoy taking risks, even if they end up costing you something in return. You like exploring possibilities and need diversity in life. You like asking questions often and always want the facts before making a final decision. Famous nonconformists include Jessica Walter, Vincent Van Gogh, Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln, and Mark Hail.

6. Romantic

If your number is six, you are a romantic. You are idealistic and need a strong connection to your family in order to be happy. You feel that your actions influence your decision making and have a sense of caring for other people. Romantics enjoy music and art and make excellent teachers. Plus, they are also loyal friends that won’t let you down. However, a romantic often needs to remember what they can and can’t change in life. Famous romantics include John Denver, Meryl Streep, Christopher Columbus, and Albert Einstein.

7. Intellectual

If your number is seven, you are an intellectual. These kinds of are always searching for the truth, never allowing emotions change their decisions. Often, intellectuals are known as philosophers and don’t like being questioned about what they’re doing. However, even though they are very knowledgeable, they are often alone. But, this also makes them very good at what they do, which is researching information. Intellectuals also enjoy secrets that they can keep. Famous intellectuals include Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Lucille Ball, William Shakespeare, and Joan Baez.

8. Big Shot

If your number is eight, you are a big shot. You are likely blunt, decisive, professional, and an excellent problem solver. Eights typically know exactly what they want and love living in luxury. You also like to take charge and let it be known that you are the boss. If you wish to improve your life, you must learn how to make decisions based on your own needs and not the desires of others.Famous big shots include Nostradamus, Jane Fonda, Aretha Franklin, George Harrison, Pablo Picasso, and Barbara Streisand.

9. Performer

If your number is nine, you are a born performer. Because of your charm, you never have any trouble making friends. However, because of your range of personality traits, others often have a hard time understanding you. Performers are similar to chameleons, as they are also changing to blend in. You are also naturally a very generous person who would do almost anything to help others. People in this group often have a ton of luck, though they may also suffer from extreme down-slides when it comes to their mood and finances. In order to really thrive as a nine, you must create a foundation of love in every aspect of your life.Notable performers include Elvis Presley, Harrison Ford, Albert Schweitzer, Jimmy Carter, and Shirley MacLaine.