Large Bull Shark Is Spotted In The Backyard Of A Resident’s Home

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

Living by the water can be so peaceful and calming. Who doesn't want a dockside cabin to call their own? But sometimes, there can be surprises too! This unsettling video footage shows a shark prowling in the backyard of one stunned Florida resident’s home. Dick Frey, 69, shot the frightening footage from his home in Bonita Springs. In the video, the nine-foot bull shark is spotted swimming close to the docks through the channel just outside his building.

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Florida resident Dick Frey, age 69, was having his regular coffee one morning while enjoying the sun outside in his backyard. He had a great view of the docks along the channel that bordered the yard.

Suddenly he spotted the classic telltale of a shark's fin cutting through the water. He pulled out his camera and recorded the animal so he'd have proof of this whale of a tale.

The creature was a large, curious bull shark estimated to be nine feet long, swimming around the channel as carefree as could be.

Bull sharks might look scary, but they're also fascinating! Bull sharks are one of the few sea creatures that can survive in brackish water and freshwater. That means they can swim up rivers and dally in bays.

Because their ideal habitat is the shoreline, that puts them in close proximity to humans. That makes them one of the more likely culprits when it comes to shark attacks.

Bull sharks don't seek out humans as prey, but when you see one in the water, you'll want to give it space! They're aggressive and effective hunters that even munch on other sharks, given the chance.

Sharks are an important part of the oceanic food chain. Their proximity to humans makes them sensitive to pollution and hunting.

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