Lake Michigan Has Frozen Over And The Photos Are Unreal

The freezing temperatures taking over the U.S. right now are a wonder to behold. While we encourage everyone to exercise caution and stay safe and warm indoors, the power of the internet lets us behold the fantastic things happening in nature right now.

The frigid temperatures have transformed most of the Midwest into a tundra-like landscape. Pictures of Lake Michigan have appeared online, mostly taken by airplane passengers as they crossed the body of water.

Chicago has received the brunt of the polar vortex with temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sudden icy climate has put a damper on many travel plans and quite literally frozen most of the states.

Chicago O'Hare airport has canceled over 1,500 flights, and railways are down because they're frozen solid.

Workers have had to set the tracks ablaze just to combat the cold and prevent permanent damage.

In some photos, you can see billows of fog rising from the frozen lake.

Water temperature is higher than the air temperature, so incredible shots like this are possible.

You almost feel like you're in a fantasy novel as you watch the shrouds of mist make their way across the icy expanse.

While the landscape looks amazing, you shouldn't venture out to see it for yourself.

The negative temperatures are life-threatening, and over a dozen people have already died.

With a wind chill 50 degrees below zero, just five minutes of exposure could cause hypothermia to set in.

There are many warming centers throughout Chicago. Call 311 if you or someone you know needs help, and a dispatch team will arrive shortly. No one in need of shelter or warmth will be turned away, so don't hesitate to reach out or make the call for you or someone you see.