Laid-Off Advertising Executive Mows Lawns For Seniors Free Of Charge

Sep 10, 2020 by apost team

Times are tough for most people and different people have adopted different ways of dealing with the tough times. For Brian Schwartz, the tough times have taught him a new lesson – offering free services is a new way to show people what you’re worth. The man from Wayne, New Jersey, wakes up every day to mow lawns for seniors in his neighborhood. He has been at it since mid-June when he lost his job.

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With a lot of time on his hands after he was laid off, Brian Schwartz decided one day that he wanted to do something good for people. With the news of the coronavirus pandemic shocking everyone and pushing some into depression, a little helping hand comes in handy. According to Brian in an interview with FOX 5, helping seniors keep their lawns clean for free is his small way of giving back to society in the fight against the global pandemic.

Before he was laid off, Brian led a team of marketers working for an ad agency. As the coronavirus pandemic affected more businesses, Brian was among the unlucky who were laid off. He decided that as he searches for a new job, he will help those in need.

He created a website for his free mowing services for veterans and seniors in Northern New Jersey. People can request for his services from the website, or call him and he shows up for the mow.

He has his family jeep to carry the mower. He says that his life has improved since he started offering free mowing services. He feels good that he is following his heart and helping people while at it. While offering his free services, Brian has had people offer him money, but he refused as he believes that the good one does always comes back.

On his website,, Brian has included a link for well-wishers who may want to donate gas money to help him help other people. It is not that Brian is having it easy at home.

Like everyone else, he has bills and so many other needs to meet. He notes that he has a newborn at home and the family has more needs now more than ever. However, he has kept his spirit and his good heart and he mows every lawn with a smile.

The last few months since he was laid off have not been forgiving. Brian notes that he has gone through tumultuous days with the infant to take care of and the bills piling every day.

He realized that if he is going through such, there must be other people going through the same too. That was when he decided to help. Today, he serves more than a dozen clients, and calls are coming in every day. He is also lucky that some people have decided to help, and he now has three volunteers working with him.

In his website, Brian gives his story and why he decided to do what he does. There is not much on the website besides contact details and the assurance that the services are free for all those aged 65 and above.

Free lawn mowing may not be the future for Brian as he has a family to take care of. He says he has a “moonshot vision,” to scale his free services to other parts of the country. He calls for volunteers and partners who can help him take his work to another level.

Brian is one of many people who have been laid off, but one who decided to help. What do you think of Brian and his philanthropic deeds? Tell us in the comments. Send this article to your friends and family to brighten their day.

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