Lady Sings To Elephant, Heartwarming Response Blows Internet Away

Elephants are among the biggest and the most intelligent animals on the planet. In most cases, the female elephants tend to move together in groups while the males walk around on their own. Most of the males wander off during the teenage years or team up to form small bands.

Unfortunately, a significant number of them are hunted due to their precious tasks that cost a fortune. Some people also tend to abuse elephants by keeping them in parks and failing to provide them with what they need for survival.

In Elephant Nature Park, Thailand, volunteers are doing everything to ensure these huge, intelligent animals find solace.

The Founder of the park, Sangduen "Lek" Chailert, has established a special relationship with one of the elephants named Faamai.

The lady interacts very closely with the elephant, and this amazes the visitors at the Elephant Nature Park. Sangduen swipes away flies for the lovely elephant as she sings beautiful songs to the huge animal. But she doesn’t sing any song. She sings the best lullabies. Faamai seems to like the special attention Sangduen gives her and starts to get drowsy as the sweet lullaby continues.


Shortly after, Faamai cannot resist the lovely song. She lowers her body onto the ground as Sangduen continues to serenade her with the loving voice.  From Sangduen’s experience with this lovely elephant, Faamai, we discover that elephants like lullabies. This supports the findings of a study carried out by the American Psychological Association.

The investigation revealed that Asian elephants love soothing classical music. In the Circus World Museum, orchestra violinist once played lovely tunes for two elephants, and she was amazed to see them swaying to her music.

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