Kurt Russell Remembers Being Hungover The First Day He Met Goldie Hawn

Nov 19, 2020 by apost team

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning that was released on November 15th, 2020, actor Kurt Russell, 69, shares that he was "horribly hungover" the first time he met actress Goldie Hawn, 74, his partner of 37 years and counting.

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Actors Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn sat down for an interview with CBS Sunday Morning correspondent Tracy Smith to promote their upcoming Netflix Christmas movie, The Christmas Chronicles 2 which comes out on Wednesday, November 25th. The interview was posted to the network's YouTube channel on Sunday, November 15th. The pair teaming up on-screen again took more than 30 years after shooting the 1987 comedy Overboard together. Hawn had made a brief cameo aptly as Mrs. Claus in the first The Christmas Chronicles back in 2018 but is now playing a central figure in the sequel alongside Russell as Mr. Claus.

Besides the film, Russell and Hawn also discussed their relationship with Smith. The couple reflected on their 37-year-and-counting romance and shared that the first time they met was in 1968, during the filming of The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band, the Disney musical. Hawn was 20 years old at that time while Russell was only 15 who “didn't even have a car” and “didn’t have a [driver’s] license." The two reconnected in 1983 when they were matched to act in Swing Shift. According to Yahoo! Entertainment, they were both divorced at that time and had already become parents. They then embarked on what is now a nearly four-decade-long relationship.


But having been through a failed marriage, Russell tells Smith that he had been determined to undermine his relationship with Hawn, especially in the initial stages: “Matter of fact, when I met Goldie, I was at a time in my life, and a period in my life, when I was going to put my worst foot forward when it came to any kind of a relationship with the possibility of a relationship,” said the father-of-two. “I put my worst foot forward. If you can handle that, then maybe there’s a chance of some reality there of being together.”

This seemed to take Hawn by surprise as she replied: “You put your worst foot forward? I could hardly say that." Russell insisted that he did, saying that he had been hungover the first time he met her: “Well, the first time I met her, I was horribly hungover. That’s not a good foot forward." To which Hawn told Russell, "But you were fun."


The couple share one son together, Wyatt Russell. According to Hello! Magazine, actress Kate Hudson, who is the daughter of Hawn and half-sister of Wyatt, took to Instagram to announce that Wyatt and his wife Meredith are expecting their first child. In the picture, Hudson is seen kissing Meredith’s baby bump in front of a balloon display that said “Baby.” This will not be the first time Russell and Hawn become grandparents, but it is the baby is the first grandchild that they will share biologically.

Hawn is reportedly close to all of her grandchildren. In an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2014, the grandmother of six shared that she had been present at all their deliveries, saying: "I was there for all the grandchildren's births.”

The New York Times reports that the couple has been counting on each other for support during the coronavirus pandemic. They have been going on walks together around Los Angeles in masks and also partaking in online video challenges which include Hawn dancing to Hey Ya! by Outkast in the kitchen to getting tickled by Russell for a “laughing challenge”.

“I like to dance with Goldie every once in a while, but I can’t tell you how little I care about social media,” Russell said to The New York Times. When asked what the secret to their relationship is, the two actors shook their heads and said there is no secret. “You’ve got to want to be together," Hawn advised. Russell shared her sentiment, saying, “It’s up, and down, it’s sideways, it’s whatever. At the end of the day, how do you explain it? ... It’s the same thing as what you’re saying. I call that love.”

Like many Hollywood couples, Russell and Hawn have weathered breakup rumors over the years, as Gossip Cop has reported (and helped debunk).

“You can actually survive a relationship in a way that when you get older you go, ‘[Sigh] I’m so glad I got through whatever period that was,'" the 74-year-old told Smith. "Relationships go through periods, sometimes really hard times. But there’s nothing sweeter than having a family, and that is worth everything.”

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