Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn Celebrated 37th Anniversary This Year And Are Still Head Over Heels For Each Other

Sep 14, 2020 by apost team

Kurt Russell, 68, and Goldie Hawn, 73, have famously never wed, but some think their un-married status is the secret to their long Hollywood relationship. This year, they celebrated 37 years together, and adorably their anniversary was on Valentine's Day.

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The two have known each other for years after first starring in a Disney movie The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band in 1966 when she was 21 and he was only 16. But they did not have their first date until 1983 according to a 2017 interview with Conan O'Brien.

"I was severely hungover and I didn't know Goldie at all outside of having worked with her those many years before," Russell told Conan. I just didn't have in my mind what I was going to see, and she had a great body. So the first thing that came out was, 'Man, you've got a great figure.' It came out quickly and it could've gone wrong, and she said, 'Why thank you.'"


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Now, all of these years and one son, Wyatt, later, they have vowed never to get married. Goldie explained to Now Love why that is.

"Because we have done just perfectly without marrying. I already feel devoted and isn't that what marriage is supposed to do? So as long as my emotional state is in a state of devotion, honesty, caring and loving, then we're fine. We both have independent finances, we're both independently well-off. We have raised our children brilliantly; they are beautiful people. We did a great job there and we didn't have to get married to do that. I like waking up every day and seeing that he is there and knowing that I have a choice. There is really no reason to marry."

Without a wedding day, Kurt explains that they first had lunch on Valentine's Day so they decided that is their anniversary, he told Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately in 2013.

When asked what the secret to a long relationship is on the Guardians of the Galaxy red carpet in 2017, Kurt Russell declared:

“Look, I’ve said this for 34 years, I don’t think Goldie and I, in real terms, are any different than any other couple; we go through all the same things,” he said to People. “But the important thing of who the two people are in a relationship is what you have to deal with. There’s gonna be ups and downs and sideways and everything else … I just think after 34 years you’re gonna have experienced every emotion that you can together,” he added.

What a sweet couple of lovebirds! Do you know anybody that has been together this long? Pass on this lovely story to them or anyone else who might need to be reminded to believe in love.

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