Kristen Stewart On Preparing To Play Princess Diana: 'I Want To Know Her Implicitly'

Oct 17, 2020 by apost team

Kristen Stewart was propelled to stardom when she played the role of Isabella Swan in the Twilight saga movies (2008-2012). After coming a long way in her acting career since then with a host of varied roles, Stewart is now set to play Princess Diana in a biopic titled Spencer, which is due to start production early next year.

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The film will be directed by 44-year-old Pablo Larraín. The Chilean filmmaker also directed the 2016 biopic Jackie, following the life of Jackie Kennedy at the time of her husband John F. Kennedy's assassination in the 60s. Spencer is set over the weekend in the early 90s when Diana decided her marriage to Prince Charles wasn't working. It should make for some compelling viewing!

Kristen Stewart was born on April 9, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. She won a BAFTA Rising Star Award in 2010 and a César Award for Best Supporting Actress for her part in the film Clouds of Sils Maria. Playing Diana will be her next big challenge and one she is thoroughly looking forward to.

When speaking about her preparation for the role, Stewart is taking it extremely seriously, carrying out research, and working with a dialect coach. She told InStyle:

"I don't want to just play Diana — I want to know her implicitly. I haven't been this excited about playing a part, by the way, in so long..." She continued, "The accent is intimidating as all hell because people know that voice, and it's so, so distinct and particular. I'm working on it now and already have my dialect coach. In terms of research, I've gotten through two and a half biographies, and I'm finishing all the material before I actually go make the movie."

Stewart described the late Princess's story as "one of the saddest stories to exist ever." Director Larraín also spoke to Deadline about his angle for the film, given the story is an unconventional one:

"We all grew up, at least I did in my generation, reading and understanding what a fairy tale is. Usually, the prince comes and finds the princess, invites her to become his wife and eventually she becomes queen. That is the fairy tale. When someone decides not to be the queen, and says, I’d rather go and be myself, it’s a big big decision, a fairy tale upside down … that is the heart of the movie."

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Larraín says Stewart is the perfect actress for the part because of her mixture of mystery and fragility. According to The Guardian, he revealed:

"The way she responded to the script and how she is approaching the character, it's very beautiful to see. I think she's going to do something stunning and intriguing at the same time. She is this force of nature."

We all love a biopic, and when you throw the royal family into the mix it only adds to the excitement— we can't wait to see how this film will come together!

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