Kohlrabi - This White Vegetable Lets The Pounds Disappear

Aug 23, 2018 by apost team

Especially during the summer months and for any planned vacation, people like to step it up a bit and double down on their exercise and training. Combining exercise with the correct diet is key for getting a fit body. But this raises the question: What should I eat?

Kohlrabi is a vegetable that is supposed to fuel your metabolism and melt those extra pounds away. But how does that work and how can I incorporate kohlrabi into my diet?

Kohlrabi is the newes food trend, without question. It's perfect for making those last preparations for your summer body. With only 25 kcal per 100g, kohlrabi has a very low energy density which makes it the perfect food for any occasion. You can eat a very large amount of this vegetable without also eating a lot of calories.

Furthermore, this white tuber is not only full of healthy surprises but also important nutrients. The fiber makes you feel full and provides energy. The vitamins keep you fit and healthy. The lower amount of calories combined with a relatively high amount of other ingredients makes it a very balanced food item which especially facilitates protein synthesis which itself raises your lipometabolism.


Even after eating and while you sleep, your body uses up calories and fat gets burned. The amount of vitamin C found in this vegetable is almost higher than that of a pure lemon's. Other nutrients include phosphor, calcium, magnesium and iron which all facilitate bone as well as teeth health. Vitamin B also raises your metabolism, burning calories without any additional exercise needed.

Another trace element fround in kohlrabi is selenium which is an important element needed for the immune system and biochemical body functions. As not only a fat burner but also a preventative against cancer and booster for the immune system, this vegetable is a veritable health bomb keeping your body fit and in top form.

Of course, mustard oil, which can be found in all kinds of cabbage, is antibacterial and cen help prevent bacterial infections. The oils fight against bacteria and fungi within the gastro-intestinal system and help keep those clean and healthy. So the white cabbage not only helps prevent serious illnesses, it also actively helps against infections.
Kohlrabi actively helps with losing weight due to its carbohydrate content. The low amount of absorbed carbohydrates in combination with a relatively high amount of fiber leads to a full feeling without excess energy within your body. Kohlrabi also consists of water to a large part which gives it a filling and hydrating function and stabilizes the body's water level. By consumin a larger amount of water and a low amount of carbohydrates, this further helps lose weight in a healthy and consistent way.

When preparing kohlrabi you have to make sure to treat it with care. If the temperature gets too high, precious minerals and nutrients are lost while cooking. The carbohydrate content doesn't change but many vitamins and healthy minerals get lost. Kohlrabi should always be cooked, baked or steamed gently in order to retain the maximum amount of nutrients. The white vegetable is especially popular as a sidedish as the slightly sweet taste of this tuber brings out the taste of most other dishes.

The kohlrabi vegetable will prepare you ideally for the summer and at the same time you're keeping your body healthy. Show this article to your friends and family so they can get to know this miracle vegetable.