Koala Visits Backyard For Cuddles And Kisses At The Pool

Apr 06, 2021 by apost team

Koalas have fast become one of the most popular animals currently thanks to their adorable mannerisms and sweet faces. They have spawned numerous plush dolls and cute videos that continue to make people's days brighter. Since they are only native to Australia, seeing an actual Koala is only possible in zoos, but thanks to the beauty of the internet, there is a myriad of clips and footage that give people a glimpse into the lives of koalas. 

The surprising thing about koalas is that even though koalas are essentially wild animals, they also have a sweet demeanor when they feel safe around humans. Like most wild animals, it takes a significant level of trust and feeling of safety for animals to approach humans, but once a connection is established, it makes for some beautiful moments and once-in-a-lifetime exchanges. Sometimes, these beautiful moments happen in the comfort of our homes!

Finding a koala in your backyard is a rare occurrence, so you would probably embrace the moment if one of these adorable creatures came to pay you a visit. That’s exactly what a family in South Australia did when a cute koala stopped by their pool for a drink and some pats. A koala coming so close and allowing so much contact is quite uncommon, but thanks to the family's quick thinking, this video from 2019 is a true gem. It shows us that koalas can be cuddle and docile when they want to be. The woman in the video, Lili Grace, will surely never forget the day a koala became her friend. 

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Interestingly, though koalas look sweet and cuddly, they prefer to be by themselves and don't like to be petted according to Down Under Endeavours. In fact, most koalas tend to become stressed when humans come too close. However, in the case of this video, the koala was the one to approach the human. This showed that the animal trusted the human, Lili Grace, enough to come so near. 

In the Youtube video, Grace writes in the description, "Our adorable little 'neighbour' pops in for a visit every now and again at our place in the Adelaide hills. Usually this little fella just sits in the tree in our pool area unfazed by anything around it but this time he was keen to come & make friends. So cute!!!" It must have been such a treat to be so close to a koala! Grace also makes things clear by adding, "*please note that it is a fresh water pool. We provide him with his own water bowl, but on this hot day he preferred the cooler pool water.*"

The last part is quite clear when the koala first makes itself home in the backyard. There is a small bottle filled with water for it, but the koala seemed to be more interested in the pool. However, since it could not cup its hands and drink from the pool, Grace decided to help it out. However, this required patience, persistence and respect towards the koala. She began to approach it very slowly once she got in the pool and the koala remained calm as she began to walk toward it. When she got close enough to the koala, she cupped her hands together so that it could take a drink.


As the sweet koala drank water from Grace's hands, it remained calm, and when it had had enough, the koala made it clear. For a small while, Grace and the koala stayed still while they looked at each other; this might have helped Grace to make the animal feel secure around her. After the koala had its fill of the water again, Grace then got out of the pool. 

It was important to keep the koala feeling safe, so Grace made sure to continue her slow and steady approach toward the koala. When she was out of the pool, Grace wrapped a towel around her waist and slowly walked over to the koala, who remained still throughout the time, and sat down beside it. It was a beautiful moment to see the koala trust Grace so fully. Then, in an even more incredible moment, she leaned forward and touched her nose to the koala's nose. She then stretched out her hand so that the koala could smell it. After that, she pets the koala’s head, she pets its cheek, and she touched noses with it once again. This beautiful exchange is truly heartfelt, and it is rare for a koala to be so friendly and trusting. After the two new friends spend a couple more minutes together, the koala scampers off back into the wild. 

This beautiful video speaks volumes about Grace's ability to make the koala feel safe. As user muf comments, "Everyone "ah, cute Koala" - can we just take a minute to appreciate how calm, cautious and respectful the lady was? That's why it was such a great encounter. She made the wild animal feel safe. Cudos to her👏👏" We fully agree! Watch the heartwarming connection in the video below: 

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