Koala Stopped By Woman's Backyard To Chill By The Pool In Australia

Finding a koala in your backyard is a rare occurrence, so you would probably embrace the moment if one of these adorable creatures came to pay you a visit. That’s exactly what a family in South Australia did when a cute koala stopped by their pool for a drink and some pats.

The animal looked at the woman as she stood at the other end of the pool, and it remained calm as she began to approach it. When she got close enough to the koala, she cupped her hands together so that it could take a drink.


The koala drank the water from the lady’s hands, and when it had had enough, the woman got out of the pool, wrapped a towel around her waist, walked over and sat down beside it. Then, she leaned forward and touched it's nose with her nose. She then stretched out her hand so that the koala could smell it. After that, she pets the koala’s head, she pets its cheek, and she touched noses with it once again. 

After one last gentle nose bump, the koala stood up and slowly walked away. It climbed some steps that led to its home in the wild, and it left the premises.

Koalas are cherished animals that are now valued more than ever since so many of them perished in the Australian bushfires. 

Watch the video of this precious koala and the woman it became friends with, and pass it on to animal lovers everywhere.