Kitten Puts The Moves On Officer After She’s Rescued From Bustling Highway

Seeing a stray dog or cat in a bad situation makes most people want to help. If a pet gets out and on to a busy road, it's never a good thing. Unfortunately, such episodes usually end in tragedy for the animal.

In a heartwarming example of how humans can help animals when they really set out to, here is a story about a cat who was stuck in traffic and was not only saved by Police Officer Smith, but went on to become his pet. Luckily, he captured the rescue with his body cam.

Somehow, the kitten had become perched on a center divider, with several lanes on either side of it. If the kitten had jumped down or fallen, it was likely she would have been hit. Officer Jason Smith got the call. With others controlling traffic, the officer hopped out of the vehicle and approached the tiny kitten, who was huddled next to a glove stuck in the divider.

The poor baby was crying out of sheer terror as the officer approached. It's heartbreaking to hear such a tiny thing making such a desperate noise. Officer Smith was able to get the wee feline out of harm's way with nothing but a potentially singed tail. She appeared healthy and fell in love with her rescuer immediately. She was meowing and purring from the moment the officer got her to safety.

Jason Smith was her forever human from the moment they met. After she got through the standard checks and hold, Bella went home with the officer and settled into her forever home just fine.

The good news is that both survived the encounter. But, when busy roads and fast traffic is involved, there are no guarantees. However, this is not the only time something like this has happened. The next rescue comes from a civilian who carried out a brave rescue on her own.

According to ABC News, a woman on a motorcycle in Oklahoma was one such person. Her rescue of a tiny kitten in the middle of an intersection is heart-pounding.

Trucks were passing by the little tiny orange kitten, often with only an inch or two to spare. The kitten was totally terrified trying to get away, but with nowhere to go. Danger was in every direction. The kitten's rescuer spotted him and his dilemma. She stopped traffic, picked the little fuzzball up, and took him home. His name is Skid and he is her forever feline.

The rescue of Bella and Skid are both terrifying and heartwarming. Have you ever rescued a kitten from a dangerous situation? Let us know in the comments and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!