Kind Men Help Lady They Notice Paying For Gas With Pennies Not Realizing Her Husband Died Recently

May 22, 2020 by apost team

There are many people going through hard times in our world. Some have no qualms asking for help, but others can't. They try to hide their suffering, and it's easy to miss certain signs. Thankfully there are people who pay attention, like comedian Carlos HaHa Davis and his friends who saw a woman struggling at a gas station back in 2018. They decided to do a good deed, and did more than they thought they could.

One of Carlos' friends saw a woman doing something at a nearby pump that caught his eye. What followed next was filmed and posted on Carlos' Twitter on October 21. The woman was paying for gas using pennies. Realizing something was up, Davis and his friends concocted a plan. The travelling comedians decided to offer the obviously struggling woman some monetary help.

The video opens with Davis exiting his van with some $100 bills that he holds out to the woman. As the overwhelmed woman looks from one person to another, Carlos' friend reassures her that the money isn't illegal, as they're comedians.

The woman's mouth works as she tries to speak when she explains that her husband died a week ago. She had since fallen on hard times, and explains that she "didn't ask nobody for nothing," and that she "didn't even ask you..."

The woman's puffy eyes and story proved that she was hurting. The young men around her try to hold back tears when they weren't wiping them away. Davis tells her that she's okay, that "We got love you." As he tries to hand her the money, a friend says "we gotta take care of each other."

The woman didn't understand how they knew she was having trouble. Davis explains that his friend told him what was happening. He wanted to show her love -- "it's only right."

The woman accepted the money, but was still shocked. Struggling to respond, she finally states that God really was looking out for her.

Davis agrees that God is "definitely watching over" her. The video has since gone viral, and has brought many to tears. Many see it as proof that generous souls still exist in this world.

One Redditor pointed out that they work at a gas station where people occasionally prepay with cash but either leave before paying the full amount or don't pump at all. Those who don't realize their mistake are never seen again, so the money is kept to help those struggling to pay for gas like the woman in the video.

Some have criticized Carlos' choice to film the encounter, but not only are videos his life -- it helps to combat the glut of negativity out there. Or do you feel differetnly? Tell us what you think in the comments and feel free to spread the word so that Carlos' good deed can inspire others to help those in need.