Kids Move 83-Year-Old Janitor To Tears With A King's Farewell On His Last Day Before Retirement

John Lockett recently received an amazing send-off from the many adults and kids who adored him while he worked as a janitor for the Carroll County School System. John, who likes to go by Mr. John, had been a janitor at the Carrollton, Georgia school for the past 12 years.

Lockett had been in the field of construction for most of his life. After he got out of that field, he decided to become an elementary school custodian according to Good Morning America. At the age of 83, Lockett is finally going to be able to relax during his retirement.

Carla Meigs, the principal at Sand Hill, told WLTX that he always came to work smiling, no matter what the circumstances. Many of the students looked up to him as more of a “school grandfather” than just a janitor. He was a very positive role model for the kids. Many of the children even gave him hugs regularly.

Mr. John’s farewell was not the ordinary send-off. In fact, the kids and staff made sure that he felt like a king during his retirement party. Mr. John was so overwhelmed at the grand gesture they all made for him. He could barely hold back his tears at the wonderful surprise as seen in the video below. 

The students and staff threw him a celebration on his final Friday of work. Lining the hallways, they all cheered him on as he walked, hugging him and thanking him for everything he had done.

When he showed up at the school at 1:45, Mr. John was immediately draped in a cape. He was also given a crown to wear and a laundry basket to hold. As he walked through they threw handmade cards and gifts into the basket. The day was declared “Mr. John Day.” They even brought in a special cake to celebrate the occasion.

Mr. John was overwhelmed with the generosity and love he received from the school. He told Good Morning America that the school means so much to him and really loves his job because of the kids. 

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