Kids Hear Distressed Cries Coming From Under The Ground And Discover The Truth When They Open Pipe

Aug 27, 2018

A farm is an interesting place where many things can happen. And when you're living on a farm, you may never know what each day will bring, particularly for a farm in Victoria, Australia. One day, the owner's daughter and her friend heard some distressed cries from what they thought sounded like a lamb. But these cries were especially peculiar since the sound was coming from underground. They were quick to tell the adults and everyone else on the farm. And soon, everyone gathered at the location near the sound. They even had their cameras ready, so that this strange incident was caught on film.

Operation Save Lamb

After some digging, a large metal pipe was found beneath the dirt. It was apparent that was where the sounds were coming from, so that must have been where the creature was trapped. Their next move was to get inside and figure out for sure what was in there. The mother stayed busy filming while the children worked with their crowbars to pry the pipe open. The girls were finally able to get a small glimpse of the creature and could discern that it was either black or brown. And it was certainly alive. But the pipe was too resilient for them to get open any further.

It was clear that it would need to be cut all of the way open so that they could rescue the lamb.

The kids then stood back while the pipe was cut open by the adults with their electric tools. And when the pipe was finally opened up, they were able to fully see the source of the distressed cries. The poor little lamb was wet, but they worked hard to safely and carefully get the lamb out without injuring it.

The mother records all of the kids working together in an effort to save the lamb, an effort which they will never forget.

Although they still aren't clear as to how the lamb found its way into the pipe, the operation to save the lamb was a success. And you can see all of their hard work to save this precious creature for yourself, and know that the lamb is now safe and well.

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