Kids Have Been Left With Burns On Their Hands After Trying Out This New Trend

Aug 22, 2019 by apost team

There are tons of childhood crazes that are perfectly harmless. Unfortunately, every once in a while, a new fad or idea pops up that can be dangerous. This was the case for a recipe that should seem easy and fun- slime.

Kids love to play with slime, even if adults are grossed out by the sticky stuff. Because of how popular slime is, there are tons of recipes online showing kids how to make it. Many recipes are cheap and easy for kids to do, which in turn gives parents a needed break when the project is finished.

However, there have been some recorded incidents in which children have been hurt by homemade slime. The first time this happened was at a sleepover. One of the girls, Kathleen Quinn, was over at a friend’s house for the night according to Inside Edition. They were playing with their homemade slime when something bad happened.

All of a sudden, Kathleen felt her hands start to burn. She kept running her hands under cold water, but it took much longer than it should have for the pain to go away. When it subsided a bit, she had third-degree burns left on her fingers.

According to her mother, Kathleen was crying due to the pain she was in. She also had blisters all over her fingers from the slime. When her parents took her to see their family doctor, he first asked what ingredients went into the slime mixture.

The homemade slime was made out of school glue and borax. Borax, also known as sodium borate, can cause burns if held for too long. It can not only irritate a person’s skin, but it can also cause problems to the breathing passages, eyes, and respiratory tracts. Another child in UK was also chemically burned the same way after she used Borax in her homemade glue according to Metro.

"We were shocked when she got these terrible finger burns and the doctor said they were chemical burns from the slime she made herself," the child's mother told the British tabloid

If you want to make homemade slime, make sure to choose a mixture that does not include borax or other chemicals that are otherwise dangerous to handle. 

What are your thoughts? Has this happened to anyone that you know? Leave a comment below. Pass this along to warn others!