Kid Streams Fortnite Up To Ten Hours A Day For Dad’s Cancer Treatment

A young boy is using his passion for gaming to help to fund his father's cancer treatment. Known as zylTV in Twitter and Twitch circles, the boy has used his gaming streams to help to pay for his father's stage 4 cancer treatment.

zylTV said that while his father was originally diagnosed with stage 3 cancer last fall, the disease worsened after spreading to his lungs and liver, giving him a stage 4 diagnosis.

During one of his Fortnite streams, the boy explained the dire situation to his watchers. Without the chemo treatment, his dad would likely pass away within the year. zylTV said that his sick father is often bed bound for days because he is too weak to walk.

zylTV also took to the message board site Reddit to explain the situation. He started talking about his father on Reddit after a video of one of his streams went viral. In this supportive community, the boy found people willing to donate money to go towards his father's cancer treatment. So far, he has managed to raise more than $13,000.

While the users are praising zylTV for his efforts to help his father, many cannot help but feel bad for the boy who is going through so much as he struggles to care for his ailing father.

Isn't it inspiring to what great lengths this young boy goes in order to help his father? After you have had the chance to check out zylTV's Twitch and Twitter profiles, be sure to spread this heartwarming story to everyone else that you know. It would be great if this boy was able to raise even more money.