Kid Bullies Siblings For Weeks, So They Fight Back With Kindness And He Apologizes

Bullying is a serious problem many children have to face. It's tragic! But then, something unexpected can come of it. Sometimes, these stories of bullying and harassment just take a wholly unexpected turn.

Sometimes, the bullied fight back in ways you would never be able to expect! For example, a brother and sister were tormented by a bully for weeks. Deciding to put a stop to it, they fought back... with kindness! Read on to learn their amazing story.

In Pasadena (located in Texas), siblings Phoenix and Kingston Walwyn were bullied on their bus by a fellow student. All three of them were students at Turner Elementary School and all three rode the bus together every day. It was here that poor Phoenix and Kingston would be called names by the bully. However, the siblings remained strong throughout the bullying. They refused to engage in the verbal abuse and they refused to fire off back at the bully.

Eventually, their mother - Kyla Walwyn - set up a meeting with the principal and had the seating of the bus rearranged. It worked temporarily, but not as a permanent solution. The bully started right back up again (albeit from a different spot) and further action was required. The children's father, Vaughaligan Walwyn, stepped in to help solve the problem. Being a priest, he had a unique look at how to finally put a stop to the bully and to the harassment. Vaughaligan says he prayed and that God told him to give the bully a Bible.

The children received an extra copy of the Bible from their father (everyone in the family has their own copy) to give to the bully as an offering to read it and to join the church. "Let's see what happens!" Vaughaligan said. Phoenix gave the bully a Bible on the bus ride home and shocked him. The bully stopped in his tracks and just thanked the siblings and got off. Phoenix and Kingston rushed home to their father and informed him of the good news. Vaughaligan remarked that he was shocked at how fast his solution had worked and that he was glad he could help.

Past that, the bullying has stopped in full. Who was once a bully to Phoenix and Kingston has now become a friend. And nothing could be sweeter than that, truly. It just goes to show that violence and name-calling aren't the answers after all, but that kindness is.

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