Kevin Costner Doesn’t Believe In ‘Getting Older,' Proving He’s A ‘Class Act’ At 68 Years Old

Jan 26, 2023 by apost team

Kevin Costner has always captured our hearts through his actions and emotions on the big screen. A protagonist of many great love stories, some might even consider Costner to be the “king” of Hollywood romance.

Despite his recurring role as the king of love on the big screen, Costner did not have that much luck when it came to finding love in real life. After many years of trying again and again in failed relationships, the actor finally found love at 49 years old — and he has never looked back since.

Kevin Costner is a man of many talents who has a striking likability. 

This comes across in his legendary roles in films like “Field of Dreams,” “Bull Durham,” and “Dances With Wolves.” Costner has been a major Hollywood star for over three decades. He was awarded two Academy Awards in 1990 for his amazing performance in the film, “Dances with Wolves.” Soon after, he starred in “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” and “JFK.

While he is the true definition of a successful actor, the family man is also a leading man in real life, with seven beautiful children. The California-born actor also plays a father’s role to four sons, Joe, Liam, and Cayden, plus Hayes, and three daughters, Annie, Lily, and Grace. The part might seem overwhelming, but Costner said he likes it that way. 

On Jan. 18, 2023, Costner turned 68 years old, and he posted an inspiring message to people who have reached an age like his that resonated with his outlook in life and her attitude toward aging. 

Kevin Costner (1985), (Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images)

Growing up in Compton, California, Costner’s teenage years would include frequent moving due to his father’s job as an electrician for changing bosses. On top of Lynwood and Compton, the family also lived in Ventura, Visalia, and Orange County.

Eventually, Costner pursued acting. During his first few years on the job, it seemed like luck was shying away from him as his scenes on “The Big Chill” was removed. In 1985, Costner was cast on “Silverado,” which he considered his biggest breakthrough in the industry. He also went on to star in “The Bodyguard,” acting opposite music icon Whitney Houston

Since then, his career has taken off pretty incredibly – starring in films like “The Postman,” “Message in a Bottle,” “Rumor Has It,” and “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” among many others. 

As years went by, Costner established himself to be one of the most revered actors in Hollywood, which is why his castmates on “Yellowstone” have grown fond and comfortable with him. 

In an interview with Cole Hauser, Costner’s co-star, he revealed that Costner is someone he looked up to in the cast because of their humble similarities. 

“Before an actor or as a creative soul is just him as a person,” Hauser admitted. "And getting to know him over the last five years, I mean, I’ve learned a lot about just being a gentleman on set and just a class act. He’s got a family. I have three kids and a wonderful wife. And he’s just someone to look up to, in my opinion.”

Costner, who turned 68 on Jan. 18, 2023, penned a short but very poignant birthday message, confirming Hauser’s realization about his co-star.

Kevin Costner (2016), (Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images)

Off camera, Costner is a committed family man, the father of seven shared with People Magazine how it is to be a hands-on dad. 

“You’ve got to get down on the ground and play with them. And you teach them to be independent — and the sad part about that is they become that. I’m like any other parent: I’m trying to figure it out,” he revealed. 

He also swatted the idea of how other people perceive the life he lives as a celebrity parent. 

“When I’m not making a movie, I’m living and on the freeway with my wife, getting the kids to their stuff, or I’m waiting for them to come out of a party. I’m just twiddling my thumbs. People have a wrong idea about how my life works,” he admitted. 

As he turned 68, Costner took to Instagram to share some sage wisdom with his followers on his birthday. 

“Don’t believe what they say about getting older. Each passing year is a gift, and it gets better and better with time. Thank you for the birthday wishes,” he wrote, posting a photo of him looking as young as ever dressed up in jeans, a cowboy hat, and his signature smile. 

The message that Costner was trying to convey was simple but meaningful, which resonated with his grounded, straightforward, and optimistic attitude toward life. 

The post came days after Costner won the Golden Globe for Best Performance By An Actor in a Television Series (Drama). 

“I share this recognition with my castmates, the producers, and our incredible crew. Most of all, thank you to our show’s fans, who love Yellowstone Ranch as if it were their own,” Costner posted, thanking the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for the award.

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