Kenya Installs The First Solar Plant That Turns Ocean Water Into Drinking Water – It Might Be The Solution For The Global Lack Of Water

Aug 27, 2019 by apost team

About 2.2 billion men, women, and children throughout the world do not have access to safely managed drinking water services. It seems like a contradiction when you consider that our planet is covered by 71% water. It's a question for the ages: how could we turn ocean water into clean drinking water? There may be an answer coming out of a small town in Kenya.

GivePower is a non-governmental organization that has developed a solar water treatment plant that has already improved many lives in Kiunga, a small area located in Kenya. The company is hoping to reproduce this technology in other areas of the world where access to clean drinking water is a problem.

The World Health Organization and UNICEF have reported that every third person in the world does not have easy access to clean drinking water. This report was published just two months ago. The numbers are even worse when it comes to sub-Saharan Africa.

That's the reason the town was chosen as the first place to install a solar plant system. This system, the first of its kind, transformed the salt water of the Indian Ocean into clean drinking water for the public. It has been operating since last year.

Because of its achievements, GivePower is planning to replicate its project in places like Haiti and Columbia.

A normal desalination plant requires very high amounts of power. The process is also very expensive, and the plants can only work in places that have the facilities to produce those amounts of energy.

This new project uses a technology called "solar water farms," which uses solar panels to produce energy. Telsa batteries store the water, and then two water pumps work night and day to pump it.

This new system can produce enough clean water for 35,000 people every single day. Before this system was put into place, residents of the area had to travel for at least an hour for water, which was dirty. They were forced to drink and bathe in polluted water that could cause diseases such as E. coli. Currently, money is being raised to fund the construction of these solar water farms for other areas that are in desperate need of clean water.

You can learn more about the organization and water consumption by watching the video below:

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