Kelly Clarkson’s Cover Of Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper’s Song ‘Shallow’ Is Chillingly Perfect

Although it is still a new song, other artists are already covering the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper hit "Shallow." The song was one of the most loved songs from the Oscar-nominated film A Star is Born, starring both Gaga and Cooper.

The moving song is a cornerstone of the incredible movie that has already won a slew of awards. One of the best covers of the song has come from pop star Kelly Clarkson.

In an intimate performance, Clarkson introduced the song talking about how much she has enjoyed her personal interactions with Gaga over the years.

Clarkson talks about how she and Gaga are different yet still get along.

Clarkson begins the emotional song singing slowly and deeply but launches into the crescendo with great ease. Although she does not have Cooper on stage accompanying her, she is still able to do the song justice on her own.

Clarkson is no stranger to cover songs.

She has also been lauded for her renditions of many popular songs such as Adele’s “Someone Like You” and Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball.”

This talented singer has the pipes to carry any song. It is hard to step into Gaga's shoes but Clarkson manages to pull it off.

If you have not heard this incredible rendition by Clarkson, now is your chance to do so! You will be sure to get chills as you hear Clarkson put a spin on this masterpiece. After you have listened to this performance, be sure to spread the magic to everyone else that you know.