Kelly Clarkson Loses It 16-Year-Old Loretta Lynn-Obsessed Singer Wins 'The Voice'

It is no secret that America loves its reality show singing competitions. As one of the most popular shows on television today, "The Voice" has a loyal following of fans that tune in every week to see the latest in rising talent.

What makes "The Voice" so exciting is that it is not just the contestants that get to be competitive. The judges also get in on the action, adding another layer of fun to this show.

As one of the voice coaches, Kelly Clarkson has a reputation for bringing it hard every episode. This hard work paid off when one of her team members took home the trophy this year.

This is Clarkson's second season of coaching up a winner, giving her bragging rights galore. Chevel Shepherd is Clarkson's latest winner. The 16-year-old was crowned the winner on December 19 2018, much to the delight of all of her fans and her coach.

Shepherd was anxiously awaiting the results with runner-up Chris Kroeze. When Shepherd's name was called, Clarkson jumped up on to the stage to congratulate her protege.

Clarkson was especially thrilled with this victory because it marks the first time in the history of "The Voice" that a country singer other than Blake Shelton coached a contestant to victory.

Of course, Shepherd is thrilled as well. After debuting a new single on the show's finale, the song has already risen to the number one spot on iTunes. Her future is bright!

Be sure to check out the moment in which both Shepherd and Clarkson realized they won. Then make sure that your friends and family don't miss this touching scene. It is definitely something that you will want to watch over and over.