Kelly Clarkson Gives Haunting Emotional Performance Of Her Very Personal Song ‘Piece By Piece’

Kelly Clarkson is an artist who is known for pouring her heart out in her songs. She has a rocky childhood, which has often referred to through her music. 

Who Kelly Clarkson Is

Kelly Clarkson is an American singer and songwriter who was born in Texas. Her parents are Jeanne Ann and Stephen Michael Clarkson, and she has an older sister and an older brother.

When her parents got divorced, her older sister moved in with an aunt, her brother went with her father and she stayed with her mother.

Kelly Clarkson's Early Life

Kelly's early life was difficult. The divorce split her family apart, and she did not get to see her siblings as often as she wanted to. She never developed much of a relationship with her father and never felt connected to him.

They would see each other once in a while, but she never felt like they had a solid relationship. Both of Kelly's parents got remarried, resulting in her getting multiple step-siblings.

The Development of Kelly Clarkson's Career

When Kelly was in high school, she started to write songs and sing them. One of those songs, "Because of You," was on her second album. That album won several Grammy awards.

She poured her heart out into those songs, and her emotion was evident in both the words and the way that she sang them. Her songs come from her real-life experiences of a difficult childhood, trouble trusting other people and a lack of close relationships with the people that she thought she should be close to.

Kelly's Appearance on American Idol

Kelly was on American Idol at the young age of 20. While she looked young, the audience and the judges could tell that she had a lot of life experience and pain under her belt.

The words and her emotional singing made the judges and the audience tear up during her first performance. She looked and felt a bit nervous, but she powered through it because she wanted others to know that you have to have faith in yourself in order to move on from past difficulties.

The Takeoff of Kelly's Singing Career

It was not long before Kelly's career took off. Record executives took note of her solid performance on American Idol, and she was quickly a fan favorite. Her initial recording contract for one album resulted in great success. She earned a contract to produce more albums and has gone on to have a rewarding career as a singer and songwriter.

Difficult Family Relationships

Kelly still has a minimal relationship with her father. In her view, he has missed out on all that she and her siblings have to offer. Now a parent herself, Kelly feels that her father is also missing out on the opportunity to be an involved grandfather to her children.

She fully blames him for not engaging and not wanting a relationship with his children or grandchildren. Clearly, it is his loss. Kelly has a solid and loving relationship with her husband and her young kids. She continues to write and record new music for her adoring fans.

Kelly's Stunning Performance

The emotion that Kelly puts into her songs has not waned over the years. When singing in front of a large audience in Los Angeles, she spotted a lot of young kids in the crowd. Just looking at the kids with their parents made her start to cry.

She did not try to hide it. She accepts her feelings and emotions as they come. They are part of life, and even though some feelings are not pleasant, she takes the good along with the bad. Kelly knows that there is more love and light in the world than darkness and indifference.

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