Keith Urban Sings 'The Gambler' From His Home And Hits The Mark

Keith Urban did his rendition of the  Kenny Rogers' The Gambler in March to pay tribute to the late singer.

Recent COVID-19 events and quarantine restrictions have us all engaging in activities that we normally would not think of to do. Young, old, big, small, low profile and celebrity alike are all looking for unique ways to connect and feel a little less isolated during this strange time.

One of the things that we might miss most is gathering for celebrations and family events. Not having opportunities to celebrate and mourn over weddings, graduations, birthdays and funerals can leave many people with the feeling that something is missing, and we are all searching for ways to feel heard and valued.

When Kenny Rogers, beloved icon of the country music world, passed away this past March 20th, it left many significant feelings of loss and sadness. During a career which spanned over three decades, Rogers created and released songs that would shape the fabric of country music history, leaving a legacy for others to follow as they aspired to reach his level of greatness.

Nostalgia and depression settled over the nation for the few days following his death; we wouldn't even get the chance to mourn his passing properly.

Keith Urban To The Rescue

Leave it to country superstar Keith Urban, to find a way to creatively channel his grief while enriching the lives of country music stars everywhere. Thanks to the power of the internet and social media, he recently channeled his own Kenny Rogers influence and chose to share a cover of Roger's iconic song, The Gambler with adoring fans.

Wife actress Nicole Kidman can be seen cheering him on in the background as he put his own unique, acoustic spin on this performance. Before starting his beautifully intimate rendition, he encouraged all of America to sing along with him as a tribute to Roger's life and contributions to the music industry.

Paving The Way

Thanks to Urban's unique and heartwarming performance, other country music stars have come forward to share their thoughts about Rogers and pay tribute to him through their own renditions of his award-winning songs.

Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, and Marty Stuart were just a few of the musicians who came forward to continue uniting the music world in tribute to Kenny Roger's music and life.

Despite the many challenges and battles that many of us face, there are some good things that come from being connected to each other via technology. We have wonderful opportunities to share experiences, tell stories, and do some emotional bonding as we begin to use technology in new and innovative ways. Pass this story to your loved ones to spread the joy.