Kathy Bates Performs On 'Lip-Sync Battle' – Makes Audience Go Crazy The Moment She Starts Dancing

The differences observed from one generation to another is discussed often. There are many things past generations approached much differently than the people of today. Music is one of these areas in which different age groups do not agree on what constitutes quality. However, there are people who can appreciate good music from any time period.

There are young people who like older music and appreciate pioneers in their favorite genres. Likewise, many people from past generations can appreciate current popular music.

The entertainment industry is filled with talented individuals who remain at the ready to provide audience members with a great show. And many of the most memorable performances happen when an audience is treated to a performance they never thought possible. This happened recently when Kathy Bates, best known for the role she played in Misery, lip-synched the That's What I Like tune made famous by Bruno Mars.


Bates is also known for her role in American Horror Story. The 70-year-old actress has an Oscar, a couple of golden globes, and two Emmys to her credit. Recently, Kathy Bates displayed her stage-performance skills for the enjoyment of us all.

Bates took to the stage wearing a fur coat, fedora hat, and sunglasses as would Bruno Mars. When the music began to play, the crowd cheered loudly. The performance revved up and the inner gangsta of Bates was on full display. She took off the coat, hat, and sunglasses while performing. She wore leopard print pajamas under the coat. She danced along with back up dancers.

The crowd went crazy as the male dancers, also in pajamas, swooned over Bates. The enjoyment for the crowd increased when she ran her hand along the side of a Cadillac and popped the cork on a bottle of strawberry champagne in tune with the descriptions of the song lyrics. Bates knew all the words to the hit by Mars and delivered a perfect dance routine.

Chrissy Teigen, a host of the show, said the performance by Bates was one of her greatest moments ever. The performance by Bates should be taken as a warning to other performers. She is now coming for the Tony Award.

Watch her performance in the video below:

Did you enjoy the performance by Kathy Bates? Are you surprised by her versatility? Show the video of her performance to your friends. It will provide them with enjoyment and brighten their day.