Kate Middleton’s Personal Note Inside Books For Strangers Is Causing Excitement In Royal Fans

May 13, 2021 by apost team

As part of the release of her new book, Kate has had teamed up with The Book Fairies, a literary movement that urges readers to share books that they have read and enjoyed by leaving them in public spaces for others to find. A few lucky people have been finding Kate's newly published book to read at home! 

The coronavirus pandemic has been something people all over the world have been dealing with for well over a year. With lockdown restrictions and stay-at-home orders continuing to be put in place, lifted and then reimposed, many people have had to adjust their everyday routine time and again. Kate decided to do something to document this new way of life and encouraged folks in the United Kingdom to share photographs of how their days looked.

Moved by all the entries she received, Kate wanted to share the photographs with more people and foster a sense of community during this difficult time. She came up with the brilliant idea of releasing a picture book to showcase what life was like in the U.K. during 2020.

Kate’s book, “Hold Still: A Portrait of Our Nation in 2020,” was set to be released on Friday, May 7, 2021. News outlets are now reported that Kate also added a beautiful personal touch to the books she had left as part of her treasure hunt — a sweet, handwritten message from the duchess herself. Read on to know more about how Kate created a treasure hunt to find her book, and the message a lucky few people found within their books. 

Catherine (2017), (Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty images)

Harper's Bazaar reported that during the first coronavirus lockdown in the United Kingdom in 2020, Kate encouraged others to share their everyday experiences through a series of images. She launched a campaign to help capture what life was like for people across the U.K. as everyone worked to get adjusted to their new lifestyles in lockdown. The campaign was a sheer success, and Kate decided to do something with all the cherished photos she received in the process.

She set out to construct a book full consisting of 100 of the most “poignant” portraits from the 31,000 entrants she received, according to Daily Star. “Hold Still: A Portrait of Our Nation in 2020” perfectly depicts what life was like for people as they laughed, struggled and adjusted to their changing pandemic routines.

The Duchess of Cambridge has partnered with the National Portrait Gallery and the mental health charity Mind, with all the proceeds from her book sales going to these establishments. Mind is an organization that provides advice and support to help people who experience mental health problems by improving services, raising awareness and promoting understanding. Their mission is simple yet strong: “We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.”

Kate shared a sneak peek into her new book full of photos with a quick video uploaded to Kensington Royal’s Twitter account on May 5, 2021. Flicking through the pages, Kate showed all the stunning photographs people had to look forward to, and it looks like the book might already become a best-seller thanks to Kate's treasure hunt! In fact, "Hold Still" was at the top of Amazon.co.uk's best-seller book list as of May 7.


Catherine (2020), (Matt Porteous/Getty Images)

The treasure hunt was announced by The Book Fairies on their Twitter account as well as by Kate on the official Instagram account she shares with William. The caption on the photos and video that Kate uploaded read, "Let the search begin! We’ve joined @bookfairies_uk for the day to share copies of Hold Still around the U.K. with you." 

One Twitter user named Krish was lucky enough to find one of the books hidden in London's Van Gogh Walk, and took to social media to share a photo of the sweet letter Kate left inside, which was addressed to "Dear finder".

It read, "The Hold Still book documents a photography project which captured a portrait of our nation as we lived through the first COVID-19 lockdown last year. The images tell the stories of the challenges we all faced, but also how we came together in the most extraordinary of times."

She continued, "I am proud to have worked closely with the National Portrait Gallery on this project, and thrilled that the Book Fairies across the country are returning the images to the communities at the heart of Hold Still."

She concluded the message by writing, "Once you have finished looking through the book, please leave it somewhere else in your community for the next person to enjoy. With my very best wishes, Catherine."

Needless to say, her messages and campaign have been very warmly received, and people are very excited to know more about the book. We are sure that people who lucky enough to find the book are going to be cherishing it for a long time. 

Do you know someone who was lucky enough to come across the book? How would you feel if you had a chance to get the book? Tell us your thoughts, and be sure to let your friends know about Kate Middleton's sweet note. 

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