Kate Middleton Proves To Be Relatable When She Had A Cute “Mom Moment” With Prince Louis During Trooping The Colour

Although she may have the title of Duchess of Cambridge, to little Prince Louis Kate Middleton will always have the title of mom. That goes for any time, place, or situation including the recent “Trooping the Colour” ceremony to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.

Louis (1) made his “Trooping the Colour” debut on the Buckingham Palace balcony, where he appeared with the rest of his family including older siblings George (5) and Charlotte (4). He absolutely stole the show with his earnest excitement, waving at the Royal Air Force planes that flew overhead.

There were many other adorable moments to be had when his parents held him, and he waved and pointed at the planes. One was when Kate stepped in to mother him at a time when he was being the one-year-old that he is.


Prince Louis had made a move to put his thumb in his mouth, a soothing action that many infants like to make, while Prince William had him cradled in his arms. But Kate had swooped in like a supermom to gently encourage him to stop. Louis continued to clap and wave with his hands instead, so it seems her gentle nature must have been just the ticket.

Kate’s motherly duties didn’t stop there, while her husband Prince William held on to Louis and the ceremony came to an end, she escorted her other two children back into the palace.

Watch the sweet family moments in the videos below:

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