Kate Middleton, Prince William, Their Three Kids, And Puppy Were Spotted Taking A Helicopter At Kensington Palace

May 11, 2021 by apost team

Prince William and Kate Middleton are two of the most famous figures in the British Royal Family. Beloved by the public and the press, the pair is always seen with smiling faces in public engagements and has proved their prominence as working members of the royal family. With a family of their own consisting of three children, the Cambridge couple always has events and milestones to mark in their public and private lives. Additionally, the prince and Middleton act as prominent public figures in the United Kingdom, where they also contribute philanthropically through their official charity fund — when they aren't taking care of the Cambridge brood or starring in romantic videos, that is.

Recently, William and Kate have celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary — a milestone that was huge for both the royal family and fans of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The couple's daughter, Princess Charlotte, also recently celebrated her 6th birthday on May 2, 2021. After the funeral of Prince Philip, then the Cambridges' wedding anniversary, Prince Louis' birthday on April 23, 2021, and Princess Charlotte's birthday, the Cambridge family have been busy the past couple of weeks — and now they were recently spotted on the go.

On Friday, May 7, 2021, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, Prince Louis, and the family were seen boarding a helicopter and leaving Kensington Palace. The sighting was captured on video by a royal fan and posted to her Instagram account. 

Read on to learn more about the rare sighting of the family off-duty and where they might be going in the helicopter. 

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Catherine, Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte (2020), (Aaron Chown - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

April and May have been busy months for the Cambridge family. The Duchess of Cambridge has been busy gearing up for the upcoming release and has made her presence across social media platforms more known in the past week in preparation. Kate's book, "Hold Still: A Portrait of Our Nation in 2020," is set to be released on Friday, May 7, 2021. Prince William and Kate Middleton even revamped their entire social media presence. According to People, the duke and duchess not only changed their account's name to the more informal "Duke and Duchess of Cambridge," but they also changed their profile from a family photo to a candid snapshot of the two in Ireland. The royal rebrand was simultaneous with the announcement that the duke and duchess would be launching a YouTube channel.

William and Kate have been using the video format to give their fans a glimpse at their life for some time now.

On the day of their 10th anniversary, the official Instagram account of the duke and duchess posted a never-before-seen video of William, Kate, and their children enjoying themselves at Anmer Hall in Norfolk. The video featured the smiling family as they walked on the beach, roasted marshmallows over a fire and played in the fields of the idyllic English countryside. All of these intimate family moments were accompanied by relaxing instrumental music.

Just a few days before their anniversary, the couple's official Instagram account also shared a video of their sustainable farm tour across Darlington. William and Kate were seen visiting farm animals, talking to the farmers about their work, and petting sheep. However, this time Prince William, Kate Middleton, and all of their kids were seen boarding a helicopter.


Now the Cambridge family is out and about yet again. "American living in London" Elle Kay was the one to spot the Cambridges boarding the helicopter on Friday, and she posted the video to her Instagram. Kay's caption read:

"Stroll through the park led to a lucky sighting of Prince William & Kate, 3 lil ones, & a 🐶! (Friday, May 7, 2021)

Happened to be carrying my well loved Evelyne and thought I'd let her pose in front of Kensington Palace 🏰"

According to Hello! Magazine, the entire family was seen leaving Kensington Palace: William was holding 3-year-old Louis' hand while 7-year-old George walked next to Louis and 6-year-old Charlotte walked alongside George. Kate was seen next to their daughter Charlotte, walking with the family's new puppy — which was given to her last year by her brother James Middleton — in a long purple coat. 

The entire family — pup included — was seen boarding the red helicopter on the well-kept lawn. Even though Instagrammer Kay was behind a fence, she was still able to capture a clear video of the Cambridges.  

Kay couldn't have known where the family was going, but Elle has suggested that it could be possible that the family is traveling to their Norfolk country home, Anmer Hall, but it has not been confirmed. The Norfolk property was given to Prince William and Kate as a wedding gift, and it is a Georgian country house. According to Elle, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and the whole family spent the first five weeks in May at Anmer Hall and even celebrated Charlotte's recent 6th birthday there. 

Where do you the Cambridge family is headed in the helicopter? Let us know your best guesses, and be sure to pass this on to other royal fans you know!

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