Kate Middleton 'In Good Hands' To Take On Diana's Famous Moniker, The People's Princess

Jun 22, 2022 by apost team

Every time Kate Middleton steps out for a royal engagement or to help those in need, she repeatedly proves that she is the epitome of grace and elegance and has a gold heart. She is also highly adored and respected for her impeccable sense of style, smartness, and kind demeanor. Being part of the royal family comes with a lot of greatness — not to mention fame — but also a lot of responsibilities. However, Kate has also shown that despite her title as Duchess of Cambridge, she is just as down-to-earth and personable as anyone else.

It's no surprise that caring for others – especially the younger generation – is incredibly important to Kate since she is a mother of three children: Prince GeorgePrincess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Since her marriage to Prince William in 2011, the Duchess of Cambridge has undertaken a long list of royal duties and responsibilities; she is even a patron of over 20 charitable and military organizations. Much of her charity work has focused on issues surrounding young children.

On top of all of the wonderful attributes that Kate has shown time and again, she has also proven to be a great face for royalty. While she has already been referred to as the "Children's Princess," many people are beginning to wonder if Kate will fill in the shoes of the former Princess of Wales – the late Princess Diana, who was famously known as the "People's Princess." Read on to find out more about how Kate has helped the royal family stay strong and what her position could look like in the future.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (2021), (Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

Kate is being dubbed the "Children's Princess" after her royal engagements devoted to children's health and development have come one after the other. According to Marie Claire, many fans have given her the nickname, with one fan even saying, "Children's Princess! Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge and our future Queen!"

Kate has visited nurseries and baby classes and strives to raise awareness about early child development. According to the Court Circular, the royal mom-of-three has made clear that children's mental health and childhood development are the focuses of her public work.

Kate has worked tirelessly on her campaigns for children's health and development. She also launched a survey campaign that allows people across the U.K. to share their perspectives on raising children. 

Kate's Under 5s survey is thought to be one of the biggest conversations ever had about early childhood development. The Duchess has said:

"Parents, carers, and families are at the heart of caring for children in the formative years, so that is why I want to listen to them. As a parent, I know how much we cherish the future health and happiness of our children. I want to hear the key issues affecting our families and communities so I can focus my work on where it is needed most. My ambition is to provide a lasting change for generations to come."

While Kate has undoubtedly earned her unofficial title of the "Children's Princess," it seems that she could be taking on some titles that once belonged to Diana. The Constitution Unit at University College London explains that if Prince Charles were to pass the title of Prince of Wales down to William, then Kate would become the Princess of Wales. 


Princess Diana (1983), (Anwar Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images)

If William were to take the throne and become King, Kate would most likely be referred to as Queen Consort, according to Town & Country Mag. On top of that, The Telegraph reported that Kate may inherit Diana's famous moniker: "The Duchess, naturally, has been endlessly compared to Diana… all have led to whispers of a new 'People's Princess.'"

The Duchess of Cambridge has already proven to be a great asset to the royal family, and as Page Six reported, "The Diana Chronicles" author Tina Brown says the future of the British kingdom is now resting on the "slim shoulders" of Kate. Brown said that if Kate ever left the family in a similar fashion to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, "it would be a disaster." She continued:

"It would, I think, crumble at the moment without her because she's the only modern, beautiful woman who's well-educated, substantial in herself, who's actually wanting to commit herself to the rigors of this institution. Not many young women could do that."

While Kate and William have a beautiful marriage that millions of people tuned in to watch come to fruition back in April 2011, Brown said that Kate required "a lot of care and strategy to end up married to William."

She added, "They were madly in love all the way through but… making it from the loving girlfriend to the future queen, that's an obstacle course. And it's like snakes and ladders. At any moment she could have stepped on the wrong square and had a snake."

According to Page Six, a royal fan told Kate that she would make a great Princess of Wales. She motioned to William and said, "That's very kind. I'm in good hands."

Prince William, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Louis, Prince George, Princess Charlotte (2019), (Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

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