Jumbo Jive: Cute Baby Elephant 'Dances' On Road For Safari Tourists In South Africa

Nov 19, 2020 by apost team

Recently, some visitors to Kruger National Park in South Africa were in for a treat when along their path came a baby elephant ready to put on a show. Showing off for its visitors, the elephant infant used his trunk and his tail to entertain his audience. Playfully dancing around in the middle of the road while the viewers look on in awe and amusement, he does a little dance for the crowd before retreating back to his mother.

It is obvious that this baby elephant enjoys a crowd and loves putting on a show. Taking to the road and blocking the path of some tourists on a safari path, this four-legged friend does a cute dance for them.

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Caught on video is the giant young animal swaying its trunk in glee and shaking its little tail as he seems to enjoy doing the dance as much as his audience enjoys watching. He stomps his feet, he kicks his legs out, and he shows that spraying water is not his only talent! Originally posted online in July of 2019, this hilarious and adorable video has recently resurfaced to capture the hearts of viewers around the world. The invitees to this baby elephant’s private party, otherwise known as the tourists along the safari route, had no idea they would get such a show along with their safari this day!


Babies Know How to Party

In the video, the baby elephant can be seen hopping on his back legs to begin his dance party as an adult elephant, possibly his mother goes off to the side toward the grass. The vehicle that the safari party is using for their adventure is stopped in the road as the baby elephant takes it over, but their sounds of glee make it seem as though they don’t mind one bit. Flapping his ears, swinging his trunk, swinging his tail, the elephant infant seems to be enjoying the show he’s giving as much as his crowd is enjoying receiving it. As the video continues, we see the baby elephant backing up and moving forward, almost in a “cha-cha-slide” motion, and even dropping his butt low to the ground! Talk about sick moves!

Seeming to take a break to catch his breath, our baby elephant friend takes in his crowd and their faces that are likely full of glee and amusement at the show they just received. He wanders off to the side as though he is retreating to the grass and goes to interact with his mother. They begin to walk away when the mama elephant looks back at the crowd, possibly trying to take in her baby’s admirers who are still looking on to see if the show is over. They stop walking and the mama elephant seems to look back, as though she is waiting on someone.

Our baby elephant friend takes this time to sneak a few more moves in, sliding his trunk back and forth along the ground and tapping his feet in a circular motion. At this point in the video, it looks as though mama elephant is getting in the mood too! We see her swinging her trunk and bobbing her head while flapping her ears gleefully. As two more elephants emerge from the grass, the family of elephants continues down the road, going about their merry way. The lucky tourists part of this particular safari will never forget the treat they were shown this day.

Animals? Adorable? All of them, ever.

The participants of the wildlife safari on this particular summer day at Kruger National Park in South Africa had no idea they were getting a free treat included with their safari—a dancing elephant show! This world-famous park gave them these world-famous elephants who gave them a show they’ll never forget. Instead of being upset that their trip was interrupted, they rightfully enjoyed the free show given by these adorable animals. Starting with the baby elephant showing off his dancing moves, by the end of it, mama elephant seemed to be feeling it as well.

This adorable elephant show can be added to the long list of animal videos that steal our hearts and consistently remind us why most of us prefer animals to humans. After all, could a human bring one so much joy with just a few silly dance moves? Maybe, but not the way these adorable animals can.

Have you ever been in contact with an adorable animal putting on a show? Bonus points if it isn’t a domestic animal! What about your friends and family? What kind of unforgettable animal run-ins have they had? Let us know in the comments! Then be sure to pass this on to your friends and family!

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