Julianne Moore Adores Her 'Spectacularly Poised' Lookalike Daughter Who She's Incredibly Close With

Nov 03, 2023 by apost team

At the center of Hollywood icon, Julianne Moore’s world are her lifelong achievements and a family she greatly loves. Away from her profound film roles, Moore is a mom of two, married to film director Bart Freundlich since 2003. She has a close bond with her children, especially her daughter, Liv Freundlich, because of the many things they have in common.

Moore has been vocal about the sweet relationship she has with her young adult children, and in an April interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she and Liv delved into the extent of their similarities and the shared interests that keep their mother-daughter bond alive. The “Still Alice” star became a mom in 1997 when she welcomed her son Caleb Freundlich.

Liv was born five years later in 2002. Just like their parents, the pair are paving the way for themselves in showbiz. Caleb is a composer and multi-instrumentalist with experience in a jazz band, as a guitarist playing rock music and being a film composer. According to his website, the youngster’s versatility has seen him make music for animations, webcomics, documentaries and video games, among others. Liv is an actress with credits in films like “Trust the Man” and “The Rebound.”

Moore has achieved an impressive feat in the movie industry, but once she became a mother, her priorities naturally readjusted. She became more focused on raising her children and giving them the best care while being a working mom. To do this, the star juxtaposed her own upbringing, which included a lot of moving around. Moore once told The Guardian in 2011 that she attended nine schools while growing up. Although this shaped her outlook on the world, she stated that it was not a lifestyle she would recommend for children. 

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Julianne Moore (2023), (Gilbert Flores/WWD via Getty Images)

For this reason, the star made sure she accepted movie roles that would not take her far from her family home in New York. During that interview, Moore revealed that the only reason she decided to get married was because of her children. She noted: “I had a therapist who said marriage is really a container for a family and that made sense to me. Bart (Freundlich) and I have been together for years…”

Once relishing the opportunity to work close to her New York home, Moore described to People the lovely feeling of returning home every night after each day of filming. The star relayed how she was 20 minutes away, making her “feel grateful more than anything else.” Since she started her motherhood journey, the star has not shied away from sharing nuggets of wisdom regarding childcare. Speaking to Scarymommy in 2015, the “Boogie Nights” actress revealed her hopes as a mother. Moore explained

“I hope I’m a good mother. I think we all hope we’re good mothers. I think my children are happy and seem to be doing well...”

When it comes to values, the “Hannibal'" star and her spouse believe in “community and social responsibility.” She taught her children the essence of giving back to the community. She also imbibed the need for them to focus on work and accomplishment instead of fame. It may seem that Moore has mastered the art of parenting and that she has it all locked down, but she has admitted the areas where she lets go of control. 

Moore shared with People that raising teenagers meant letting them have their way sometimes. She relayed, “It’s okay to let them eat junk food, because they’re just going to go to somebody else’s house and eat it if you don’t.” 


Julianne Moore, Liv Helen Freundlich (2012), (James Devaney/WireImage via Getty Images)

It is safe to say that the award-winning actress’ years of prioritizing her motherhood duties paved the way for the exceptional bond she shares with her beloved children. She and Liv sat for a joint interview with Harper’s Bazaar, displaying their enviable relationship. Moore began by describing her child as “spectacularly poised.” If it was not already obvious that she was extremely proud of her lookalike daughter, the star mom added:

“I've been bragging about Liv since the day she was born, and I'm so impressed by how well she navigates the world and how mature she is.”

Liv took it from there, noting that she owed her impressive attributes to her celebrity mom. The young actress relayed that what she admired most about Moore “is how driven she is.” She explained further:

“She always has a clear idea of what she wants to accomplish — choosing (roles) she is passionate about — and she never lets go of that. My mom does what she wants to do and doesn't really care what other people think."

She also talked about looking to Moore for advice regarding relationships and everything else. In return, the “Crazy, Stupid, Love” actress relayed that she cherished those moments. She recalled one of those moments when they worked together on a film and spent quality time together after work. About their similar sense of style, Liv and Moore look to each other for inspiration and style advice. While Liv borrows items from her mom’s closet, the latter believes her daughter is more adventurous with fashion. 

Moore continued gushing over her beloved daughter, describing her as a “great kid, a wonderful person, a great friend,” and a “terrific student.” She concluded: “There's absolutely nothing about her that I don't adore." 

Moore honored her daughter with a post on Instagram in September 2023, while fans couldn't believe how similar they looked. "Beautiful ,and so like her mother," wrote a fan.

Isn’t it sweet to see the admirable bond between Julianne Moore and her daughter, Liv? What are your thoughts on her motherhood nuggets of wisdom? Let us know, and be sure to pass this on to other Moore fans. 

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