Judges Were Astonished As Ballerina Changes Her Performance Mid-Audition

A young ballerina stunned the judges of "Britain's Got Talent" when she switched gears in the middle of her performance.

Hollie, 10, seemed like a normal ballerina before her audition. She was wearing a pink and purple tutu with a cute scrunchie in her hair, and she giggled when the hosts teased her about her ensemble.

"Let me guess what you do," they said. "A bit of magic?" She laughed and said no. "Juggling?" they joked again. 


The judges were slightly less charmed. While they spoke to her in gentle tones, they didn't seem particularly excited for her performance, especially when the music started. The first minute of Hollie's performance was pretty bland. She did some basic twirls and jumps, but they weren't very impressive.

She looked like a typical 10-year-old with a few dance practices under her belt. It was clear that the judges were going to let her down easy when she finished.

Before the final notes, however, Hollie opened her mouth and started singing! With a deep, almost opera-like voice, she sang along to "I Could Have Danced All Night" from the play "My Fair Lady." The crowd gasped and cheered; the judges were absolutely bug-eyed. She had shocked them all.

Finishing her performance with a crystal-clear high note, the entire audience surged to their feet to give her a standing ovation. The judges were also generous with their praise."It's just ridiculous how much talent you have," said Amanda Holden, adding that she was "stunned" by the voice that came out of her tiny frame.

"We've seen lots of children on this show in three series now," said Piers Morgan. "I have never heard any of them sing as well as you."

Even Simon Cowell had positive words for Hollie. He admitted that he'd made assumptions about her abilities because of her song and costume choice, but he said that he was blown away when she started to sing.

"I think, Hollie, that you've got a fantastic voice," he said, and the crowd went wild. Hollie made it through to the next round, and the video of her audition quickly went viral. The public was just as stunned by her multi-faceted performance as everyone in the studio.

10 years later, Hollie is still performing. The 20-year-old did an interview with the "Lorraine" show where she shared how she recently just got back from a one-year cruise ship where she performed in the show "Grease." She also added that people still recognize her from her performances on "Britain's Got Talent."

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