Judges Tear Up After Children's Choir's Rendition Of Queen Mega Hit Forcing Judge To Slam The Golden Buzzer

Although competition-based reality shows have been around for a while now, they’re still gaining popularity by the day. Thousands of contestants from all over the world travel to try out for these shows in order to get their shot at showcasing their talents and gaining some fame.

A recent performance on ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ however, has become one of the most notable routines in recent years on the show.

In fact, it was so amazing that judge David Walliams even used the golden buzzer to send the contestants ahead in the competition all the way to the semi-finals! But what was so interesting about this performance?

A school choir joined the stage on the popular television show to showcase their talents by singing a cover of Queen’s hit song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now. Brought onstage by their head choir teacher, it was obvious that the young children were nervous but excited to perform on the show. Aged from grades 4 through 11, it was clear that many of these children have been practicing their entire lives for a moment like this.


In fact, before the performance, one of the children even admitted it was her dream to be on the show! Their teacher gave them some words of encouragement before the routine began.

When the children started singing with their amazing and haunting voices, other members of the choir group began running around in fun costumes with the enthusiasm only the most talented of children possess! The group, although large, even managed to be in-sync enough to pull off a few dance moves simultaneously!

It was clear that these children were not only talented but having the time of their lives as well!

During the performance, everyone in the audience is having a blast watching the kids enjoy themselves on stage. But when the performance ends, many of the children broke down into tears as they became overwhelmed with the idea that they’d made it this far with their talent.

The judges became emotional as well when the routine was complete, watching the confetti from above fall all over the talented youngsters. They were widely praised by the judges, bringing even more happiness to the kids’ faces.

Becoming the first act of the new season to receive a golden buzzer, the school choir was overwhelmed with emotion at the prospect of continuing on during the show.

What do you think about their energetic routine? Do you want them to win this year's competition or do you have a different favorite? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to show this fun performance to your friends and family to spread the joy!