Judge Judy Lets Pooch Run Loose In Courtroom To Choose Owner Himself

On her famous courtroom show, Judge Judgy handles a case that revolves around the custody of a dog named Baby Boy. The discrepancy between the defendant and the plaintiff is who exactly owns the dog, and whether or not the defendant really purchased the dog for $50 off the street as she claims. Despite the defendant's amount of supporting paperwork, Judge Judy lets the dog decide for himself.

With this in mind, it may come as a surprise to many that a woman with such a reputation would place her verdict on the judgment of a dog.

The case, revolving around the custody of a dog, aptly named Baby Boy, seemed simple enough; the plaintiff claimed that the pooch was his, while the defendant insisted she had purchased the dog off the street for a mere $50.


Skeptical of the evidence provided by the defendant, which included a stack of photos and paperwork, Judge Judy seemed to be a bit on the fence about the truth regarding Baby Boy’s owner.

The infamous judge relied on the loyalty of the man’s best friend to help her decide the verdict, as she asked the defendant to bring the dog into the courtroom and set it on the floor. It was then free to roam and ultimately display its love and affection towards the real owner.

Immediately, the pooch ran to the plaintiff and without hesitation. The Judge then granted the plaintiff permission to take the dog home, as the case truth seemed evident.

What do you think about the verdict in this case: Did Judge Judy make the right decision by basing her decision on the judgment of a dog? Did she make the right verdict? Let us know in the comments and pass this along to your friends and family!