Judge Asks Boy If He Wants Mom To Adopt Baby Girl, Then He Answers ‘No’ And Makes Everyone Laugh

Courtrooms are usually serious places, but sometimes something will happen there that makes people laugh. I know you will enjoy this story about what a 5-year-old kid said that made all the people in a courtroom burst out laughing.

It started when Katie, her husband, and their two kids flew from Florida to Arizona to adopt a baby girl. The instant that Katie held the 4-month-old girl, named Annalynn, in her arms, Katie fell in love with the precious child. The girl was exactly what Katie and her husband wanted, and she already felt like part of the family.


Katie was so grateful to Annalynn's birth parents. Katie knew how hard it was for them to decide to give Annalynn up for adoption. They made a huge sacrifice in order to ensure that Annalynn would have a better life. To finalize the adoption, Katie and her family had to go to court. What happened there was something they did not expect! The kindly judge looked down from the bench and asked Katie's 5-year-old son Hudson a question. "Do you want to have a new baby sister?" the judge asked little Hudson.

Hudson clenched his hands into little fists. "No I don't!" he shouted.There was a split second of silence in the courtroom, then everybody there started to laugh. The judge, the clerk, the security guard, the people waiting their turn to have their own cases heard, and Katie and her husband all started to laugh and then couldn't stop. The laughter got louder. Everyone was enjoying themselves.

Katie knew that Hudson didn't really understand what was going on and didn't mean what he said. The adoption was granted, and ever since then, Hudson has been a doting older brother to Annalynn. He loves her very much and loves to spend time with her. He is so glad they have a new baby in the house.

Katie plans to tease Hudson for a long time about what he said that day in the courtroom. Meanwhile, Annalynn is going to grow up with a wonderful older brother and a great family who all love her very much. She will always appreciate the sacrifice her birth parents made for her so that she could have a new life with this beautiful family.

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