Journalist Friend Of Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Writes Couple Seemed "Sad And Subdued" During Recent Visit At Their Home

As details of the Sussexes’ departure from their roles as senior Royals are finalized this week, many fans are wondering what could have been the tipping point that lead the couple to their rash decision. 

Bryony Gordon, a journalist for the Telegraph and also a friend of the couple, reveals she visited Meghan and Harry late last year at their Frogmore Cottage home, where she says the two seemed “subdued and sad.”

Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

In the wake of the bombshell announcement, Bryony Gordon wrote a column for the Telegraph describing a “subdued and sad” Harry and Meghan as she visited them at their Frogmore Cottage home late last year. 

“They lacked the energy or sparkle I had seen in them previously,” she wrote.

Gordon had previously interviewed Prince Harry in 2017 about mental health when he revealed he “experienced panic attacks” whenever he would attend a public engagement. This time around, the journalist also spoke to Meghan about her own struggles with mental health as she settled down into being the wife of a Prince in a foreign land. 

The Duchess revealed she was struggling with issues she could have never foreseen. “The loneliness; the sudden muting of her voice; the giving up of everything she knew for love, only to be, as she saw it, hounded and pilloried.”

 “Why don’t you just jack it all in?” Gordon says she asked the Duchess, to which Meghan seemed to give her a look showing “she had thought about it too.”

That, as Gordon puts it, was why she was not surprised when she heard of the couple’s announcement last Wednesday. 

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