Josh Groban And Céline Dion Reunite After 19 Years To Perform Duet Of 'The Prayer'

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

Céline Dion is one of the greatest female singers of our time, and singer Josh Groban also has a very successful career of his own. In this live performance from CBS' That's Just the Woman In Me, a 2008 television special honoring Céline Dion, the two singers perform a duet rendition of The Prayer.

Not only do we get to witness their exceptional talents join together, but they both sing in Italian, adding a dimension to the song that is simply a wonder to behold. On top of that, they share a delightful story about the first time they met, where unexpectedly they found themselves singing this very song together.

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The performance begins with Céline Dion standing on stage in a stunning floor-length silver gown. She begins by talking to the audience and giving them a background story that's funny and rather sweet. She explains how ten years earlier she was set to perform with Andrea Bocelli at the Grammys when Bocelli couldn't make the rehearsal.

The conductor of the orchestra, David Foster, approached her and suggested a 17-year-old teenager could replace Bocelli's part for the rehearsal, to which Céline makes a funny joke. She describes how the boy was nervous and shaking before home video footage shows the encounter and indeed Céline is onstage with a very nervous and jittery-looking kid.

Dion then announces: "The kid is here tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, Josh Groban," to which the audience erupts in applause. What a sweet introduction story and first meeting, made even sweeter now that we know the career Josh Groban has gone on to have.

The two of them share an emotional hug before they begin singing The Prayer—what a full circle, that the two of them met singing this song and now they are performing it live to an audience in the theater and at home!

Céline begins the song, first singing in English, before Groban starts on the Italian part, earning him a big round of applause. His voice is stunning, deep, and strong, and provides the perfect accompaniment to Céline's floaty, angelic voice.

The two then both begin singing in Italian, harmonizing together in perfection. Their voices really are a wonderful match for each other—what a serendipitous moment that they met while singing this very song. Who knows if we'd ever get the pleasure to hear them together singing The Prayer, had it not been for that spontaneous meeting?

The song nears its finish with an epic climax, before ending on a soft and moving note. The two singers embrace as the audience gives them a standing ovation. What a performance!

Bookending Céline's story of their encounter at the beginning, Josh waits until the audience's applause calms down and then gives his side. It's just as sweet and funny—he mentions that he had to convince the bouncers that he was meant to go on stage and sing with Céline as a 17-year-old—before he explains how supportive Celine was that day and still is. It's truly moving to see and hear the backstory of their friendship, it's the icing on the cake of their stunning duet of The Prayer.

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