Josh Groban And Andrea Bocelli’s Newest Duet Is Delightful

Dec 26, 2019 by apost team

Groban and Bocelli met a long time ago. Since then, the talented duo have become successful singers. Groban was only a teenager when the pair first met. In 2018, the Bridges album was almost ready to be released. This was when Groban talked with Facebook about their meeting and their We Will Meet Once Again duet.

Groban said it took nearly twenty years for the duet to become reality. He was waiting for the rehearsals for the Grammy's when he became stuck on an airplane. This was when he received the request to stand in for Andrea Bocelli as a singer.

He was still in high school at the time and only seventeen. He described himself as a scared kid with pimples when he sang from his very soul that day, he tells on his Facebook.

At the time, he did not realize he was making history. He was excited when he first got backstage. He was thinking about what an amazing world he lived in. You are probably familiar with this particular rehearsal. This was The Prayer duet performed in 1998 for Bocelli and Celine Dion. This amazing duet was featured on Andrea Bocelli's Si album which received a nomination for a Grammy.

Matteo Bocelli and Ed Sheeran also sang duets for the album, according to Broadway World Music. Groban talked about how he felt about the duet when he made a post on Facebook. He said the name of the song was perfection and became one of the best tunes he ever recorded and helped write. The song has a lot of meaning for him.

People across the globe have enjoyed this duet. The video was filmed in Portovenere, Italy, Broadway World Music continues. This coastal town is absolutely beautiful. The video begins as the music show is being prepared. You hear the song playing as the black and while video changes from scenes and the spectacular artists involved.

Eventually, the stage is taken by Groban and Bocelli. They are wearing all white. They sing the duet in Italian in front of masses of people. People listening on the internet have become riveted by this powerful video.

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