Jon Bon Jovi Runs Two Charity Restaurants So That People in Need Can Eat Without Paying

Legendary rock star Jon Bon Jovi has been quietly running two restaurants in New Jersey which provide less fortunate individuals with three‌-course meals at no cost. 

The first Soul Kitchen opened it’s doors in 2011 and they both have since served over 100,000 meals.

Soul Kitchen is a project of the JBL Soul foundation, and is mainly funded by donations. 

According to its website, Soul Kitchen doesn’t feature prices on its menu; instead, diners are encouraged to chip in by donating $20 per meal if they are able to, or volunteer in the kitchen if they aren’t.  The website claims that 54% of the meals served were covered by donations, while the rest was earned through volunteering.

The first Soul Kitchen made its debut in 2011 in the Red Bank area, New Jersey.  The 57-year-old singer has always been vocal about his love for his home state, even naming his fourth album after it. The second restaurant opened in 2016 in the Toms River area which endured much damage from Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

“Our mission has always been to affect positive change and address the issues of hunger and homelessness,” Bon Jovi said in a statement obtained by Billboard. “There are no prices on our menu. So if you are in need, you participate. And that means bussing the table, washing a dish, working in our gardens,” he added.

(Photo by John W. Ferguson/Getty Images)

The menu is inspired by local American cuisine and features a three-course meal. Diners are first given an entree of either salad or soup, which is followed by the main course featuring meat, fish or a vegetarian option. The meal is finished off with a dessert. The ingredients for the meals are mostly organic and seasonal and are obtained from the foundation’s own garden.

Apart from food, the Soul Kitchen also offers job, legal, life, and financial coaching to empower its diners to become self-sufficient. 

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