John Travolta Posts Heartwarming Video Of New Family Dog Waking Him Up With A Smile

Oct 10, 2022 by apost team

When you hear the name John Travolta, the first thing that comes to mind is a pop culture icon whose films transcended generations. But outside his show biz stint, John is a loving dad to his children Ella Bleu Travolta and Benjamin Travolta. But did you know he is one amazing fur parent, too?

In case you missed it, John Travolta officially became a dad to a cute little dog named Peanut. But even before John welcomed the little dog into his arms, she was already a star of her own. Yes, she marked her debut in the limelight at no less than one of the biggest nights in Hollywood, the 94th Academy Awards.

At the time of Peanut's scene-stealing appearance, Jamie Lee Curtis cradled her in her arms while the award-winning actress paid tribute to the late Betty White. In case you didn't know, White was known for her passion, advocacy, and dedication to animal rights and charities.

But even though it seems like Peanut is used to all the glitz and glamour, she isn't. She is actually a rescue dog who survived with the help of Paw Works. "They were dumped in a box outside the Avenal Shelter," Chad Atkins, the co-founder and executive director of the shelter, told PEOPLE. She went by the name Mac N Cheese before she was adopted by John.

A day after Peanut came home, John posted a photo of him with his son Ben while holding Peanut. As it turns out, his son Ben was the one who decided to bring home Peanut. "Ben adopted this dog from last night's Oscar tribute to Betty White. Thank you @curtisleejamie & @pawworks," he wrote.

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John Travolta (2020), (Amanda Edwards/[Getty Images for ABA] )

Curtis then reposted John's post, saying John and Mac N Cheese crossing paths and the latter finding a home in him was a "magical" moment. "A magical ending to the story from last night. At the Oscars, I reconnected with my friend, John Travolta," she said.

Having worked together in the movie 'Perfect' back in 1984, Curtis shared how happy she was to see Mac N Cheese finding a home in John, whom she not only worked with in the past but also as a person she knows very well.

"I had already left the Dolby theater last night after honoring Betty White and was on my way home when someone texted me a photo of John holding little mac & cheese in the green room before his presentation of the best actor Oscar. I thought it was so beautiful to see him with her and then today I found out that he and his son, Ben have adopted beautiful little mac & cheese and are taking her home today," she said.

For someone as big as John Travolta to adopt a rescue dog like Mac N Cheese, Curtis said it also served as the perfect way to amplify animal rights advocates' message of adopting rather than shopping for pets.

"It is an emotional end and a perfect tribute to Betty White and it shines a light and AMPLIFIES the message that heroes who, like Betty, and Chad from @pawworks and Nancy from @perfect_pet_rescue and the team at @maedayrescue and the hundreds of thousands of other rescues, who love and support ANIMALS, that rescuing animals and offering them shelter from the storm of life and a warm and loving home is one of life's most important actions we humans can take! #adoptdontshop," she said.

John Travolta (2019), (Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/WireImage/Getty Images)

The nonprofit rescue organization couldn't be any happier as well for Peanut for finding a home in John, reposting the Grease actor's post on Instagram. "On a night of winners and losers, we think Mac N Cheese is the biggest winner of all!" Paw Works wrote in the caption. "We know @bettymwhite was shining down last night. Happy life little lady," it added.

While it may seem like Peanut is the only one bringing joy to the Travolta household, there are actually two of them. In 2021, he proudly showed off his son's cat on social media back. John, in an Instagram post, shared a photo of him with his son sitting on his lap while carrying his pet Crystal.

Meanwhile, John has since been posting updates about Peanut on Instagram. Back in April, John shared a video where he can be seen with his two children, Ella and Ben, greeting his fans a Happy Easter.

But the cutest video John probably took to social media is the one where Peanut is seen licking his face while he is lying down on his bed. Apparently, it's Peanut's way of getting him out of his bed. "This is how Ben's dog Peanut wakes me up," he wrote.

John Travolta proved to be the perfect family for a rescue dog like Peanut – not because he is a star but because he loves her like his own. Although Peanut's story may have started on a sad note, at least she has found a family who will take care of her for the rest of her life!

How did you feel about John Travolta and his son adopting Peanut? Have you ever had a rescue dog in the past as well? Let us know your thoughts about this story, and pass this on to anyone you know who loves pets!

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