John Legend's Touching Song At Billboard Awards Two Weeks After Wife's Miscarriage

Oct 17, 2020 by apost team

The loss of a child is a devastating experience that impacts parents for the rest of their lives. After all, there is nothing like the bond between a parent and a child. For many parents, this bond forms right from the moment they learn of their new baby's existence. This is why a miscarriage is such a heartbreaking loss. It is the loss of not only a child but of the opportunity to meet them and watch them grow.

Last month, R&B singer John Legend and his wife, television personality Chrissy Teigen, were in the news because of the miscarriage of their third child. Two weeks after this tragic news, Legend captivated millions with his performance of his song Never Break at the Billboard Music Awards.

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On the outside, the super couple of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen appear to have it all. They appear to be deeply in love and have a beautiful family that includes a daughter named Luna and a son named Miles. Both children were conceived using the in vitro fertilization (IVF) method, according to The Washington Post.

As talk show host and singer Kelly Clarkson mentioned that night at the Billboard Music Awards, the couple has garnered much love from the public because they are willing to allow people into many of the important moments of their lives. Only a month ago, Legend and Teigen were still eagerly anticipating the arrival of their latest child.

Complications Arise

As she detailed in a long and heartbreaking Instagram post, complications developed in her pregnancy. Teigen started to bleed and doctors were unable to get enough fluids to the unborn baby to stop the miscarriage. Legend and Teigen have never named their children until the last minute, but had taken to calling their newest addition "Jack." The Instagram post shows the haunting image of a clearly devastated Teigen sitting on the edge of her hospital bed. Everything was done to assist Teigen in keeping her pregnancy going, including having her hospitalized and giving her blood transfusions, but, in the end, the miscarriage couldn't be prevented.

The Chrissy's Court star shared her tragic news and her reactions to going home from the hospital without her child in many Instagram posts. Legend was scheduled to perform at the Billboard Music Awards only two weeks after the incident. Everyone would have understood had he backed out, but the R&B legend was set on performing.

A Legend Sings

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Before his performance, Legend was introduced by fellow singer Kelly Clarkson. In her introduction, Clarkson made note of Legend's recent tragedy and sent him her thoughts and prayers. Legend was set to perform his song, Never Break from his album Bigger Love. As he sat down to his piano, Legend said simply, "This is for Chrissy."

Legend is known for his incredible vocal talents, but it was very clear that emotion was fueling his performance that evening. Between dedicating this song to his wife as a tribute to their shared pain and love, and the pain he was also feeling, it was clear that this song took on special meaning for him.

It is rare to be able to get such a raw glimpse into the emotions of another person and music is definitely a great vehicle to allow that to happen. Those who witnessed Legend's performance got to see a man expressing his great love for his wife and the pain over the loss they shared. This performance was simultaneously heartbreaking and inspiring.

What Are Your Impressions?

Did John Legend's emotional Billboard Music Awards performance make you teary-eyed? Show this video to any John Legend and Chrissy Teigen fans you may know, and let us know what you think about the moving rendition of this song.

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