Joanna Gaines Posts Adorable Photo Of Her Oldest & Youngest Kids Hugging At Son Drake’s Graduation

Jun 02, 2023 by apost team

Over the years, Joanna Gaines of the famed HGTV show “Fixer Upper” has posted some sweet photos of her children. Some of her kids have even made brief appearances on her TV shows. It’s clear that the TV mom has a strong love for her family, and fans can’t get enough of how precious the unit is.

Joanna is a mom of five and has made a name for herself in the world of television alongside her husband Chip Gaines. The pair first found fame from their show “Fixer Upper” before it came to an end in 2017. Even after the couple announced their last season of “Fixer Upper,” they have still managed to grow their home-wellness empire, which includes Magnolia. The show’s revival, “Fixer Upper: Welcome Home,” premiered in January 2021 as part of the Magnolia Network launch on Discovery+.

It’s safe to say that the Gaineses are used to being seen by a wide audience, so Joanna’s heartfelt posts about her family online are a warm welcome to fans — and the family is quite an impressive one! According to PEOPLE, the couple welcomed their first son, Drake, in 2005. Afterward, they welcomed daughter Ella Rose in 2006, son Duke in 2008, daughter Emmie Kay in 2010, and son Crew in 2018.

In May 2023, Joanna posted a heartwarming moment shared between her oldest child and her youngest child as Crew was seen hugging his big brother Drake at the latter’s graduation ceremony. Read on to learn more about Joanna and Chips’ adorable family and their eldest son’s milestone event.

Joanna Gaines (2017), (Rob Kim//Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Chip and Joanna Gaines have been instrumental in home renovation TV for several years now. Before they launched their current network, fans waited to see what would happen to their favorite “Fixer Upper” stars as that show came to an end in 2017. Eventually, they turned to Discovery+ and Magnolia.

"Chip and Joanna Gaines have become trusted, household names since the debut of Fixer Upper and through this joint venture, Discovery is proud to extend our relationship with them,” said Discovery CEO David Zaslav to The Hollywood Reporter. Similarly, the couple dished on what was to be expected on their channel and told the tabloid: "Our intention with this network is to create and curate content that inspires, encourages and helps to build bridges across our communities. We want honest, authentic programming that brings families together.”

Aside from being on TV, Joanna is also very active on social media and uses her platforms to show off her beautiful family. Back in August 2019, Joanna posted a photo on Instagram of her toddler son playing with the family dog against the backdrop of some grazing goats and a sunset.

This wasn’t the first time Joanna had shared photos of her toddler and their English mastiff puppy. Chip had surprised the family with the new furry addition. She captioned the photos: "Chip told me he hadn't surprised us in a while with a new animal and that it was long overdue... we now have more dogs than children 😂 #englishmastiff.” A user commented on Joanna's upload with, "Built just like his dad.”

Joanna Gaines, Chip Gaines (2015), (Rob Kim//Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

There’s no doubt that Joanna loves all of her children, but a parent’s love for their firstborn is something truly special. In 2021, Joanna shared an emotional post about her son Drake and said:

“Drake was my little shop baby and he came to work with me every day. I was either wearing him on me or he was sleeping in the pack n play behind the counter. One of the things I remember most about those early days of chasing dreams and being a new mom was all the wisdom, encouragement, and support that came from other moms who would come in to shop. The one consistent thing they all would say is, ‘Cherish this time and hold him tight, because before you know it, he will be driving one day and then off to college.’”

In May 2023, Joanna shared a clip filled with photos of Drake from over the years in honor of his high school graduation. The proud mom said:

“It feels like just yesterday that we were cheering him on as he took his first steps…but last weekend, as he walked across the stage to receive his high school diploma (!!) we were cheering him on as he took his first steps into a world beyond what he’s known. We’re so proud of you, Drake.”

As if the moment couldn’t get any more emotional, Joanna shared an adorable photo of 4-year-old Crew hugging his older brother. She captioned the post: “Melt. My. Heart. ❤️”

It’s safe to say that the Gaines family is incredibly proud of all their children and their accomplishments.

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