Jin Shin Jitsu Is An Ancient Japanese Technique That Can Cure Major Ailments By Stimulating Your Fingers

Apr 13, 2018 by apost team

Having a medical issue but dreading those enormous doctor bills? You might just find yourself cured in the comfort of your own home with a more efficient therapeutic technique that millions of people use every day.

Though there are many techniques, the most time-efficient and impressive method involves your fingers and can take you less than five minutes. Jin Shin Jitsu teaches us how each finger is linked to two particular organs in your body. By stimulating these fingers or applying pressure, your physical and mental health may see improvements.

But which fingers are connected to which organs?


Your pinkie: 


Your pinkie finger is known to be connected to your small intestine as well as your heart. If you are having emotional complications such as nervousness, constant fretting or are lacking in self-confidence, stimulating this finger may help. Other physical symptoms like soreness of throat, issues in your bones, or heart disease can also be eased by stimulating this finger.

Your ring finger:


The organs that are linked to this finger are your large intestine and your lungs. Stimulation of this finger can cure physical symptoms such as asthma, respiratory issues, or even skin diseases and also can aid with digestion. Emotional issues that can be cured by the stimulation of this finger are fearfulness or feelings of sadness.

Your middle finger:


These middle digits can be related to your gallbladder as well as your liver. Emotions related to this finger are irritability, anger, and even uncertainty. Stimulating this finger will also allow you to see alleviation of your migraines, frontal headaches, menstrual pains and your dreaded fatigue.

Your index finger: 


The organs associated with your pointer finger are your bladder and your kidneys. Stimulating this finger allows relief with toothaches, muscle pains, digestion issues or back pains. Emotionally, your index finger may cure feelings of disappointment, distress, or uncertainty.

Your thumb:


This finger is associated with your spleen and your stomach. Common mental issues like anxiety and depression and familiar physical problems such as skin issues, headaches or stomach pains can all be linked to your thumb. 

But how do you practice Jin Shin Jitsu?


To focus on a particular organ, begin by holding the designated finger with your opposite hand. Constantly keep a tight pressure on this finger for 3 to 5 minutes. After, take many long, deep breaths, while massaging all of your fingers on each of your hands for an additional three minutes.

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