Jimmy Fallon Tried Olive Garden For The First Time Ever And We're So Glad He Recorded It

Oct 16, 2018 by apost team

Jimmy Fallon is known for his comedy stylings. He recently ate at an Olive Garden for the first time, and he had a reaction that suits his personality.

Most of the people who eat at Olive Garden can find something that they enjoy. Post Malone recently took Jimmy Fallon to eat at the restaurant, and his thoughts aren't exactly the same as other customers.


Jimmy couldn't seem to understand that the breadsticks were really free. Post Malone informed him that the salad that they were served was free as well. Jimmy indicated to the waitress that he had heard that the salad was good. Soon after, he wanted to know what he was supposed to pay for since it seemed like everything was free.

Jimmy decided to do something else to get free food. He told the waitress that it was Post Malone's birthday so that they would get a free slice of cake.

Jimmy informed Post that he was given the noted slogan of being with family while you're eating at Olive Garden from the restaurant before giving it to Post.

Watch the comical meal at Olive Garden that might make you rethink where you want to eat at for supper. Do you love Jimmy Fallon as well? He is such a funny guy. Pass this also on to your friends and loved ones.