Jimmy Fallon And Nancy Juvonen Celebrate 12-Year Marriage Thanks To Drew Barrymore

TV host Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen have been married for 12 years.

The couple started dating when actress Drew Barrymore set them up during a birthday party she organized for Nancy.

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Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen first met while working together on the 2005 movie Fever Pitch, where Jimmy and Drew Barrymore starred as the main characters. Nancy was a producer on the film, and was also Drew's business partner and close friend.

Even though Drew played Jimmy's love interest, his eyes were set on Nancy, and their romance started blossoming from there.


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The two officially started dating in May 2007 after Drew connected them at a birthday party she threw for Nancy. Shortly after, three months to be exact, Jimmy proposed to Nancy at her parents' summer home in New Hampshire.

Jimmy reminisced the proposal to People, saying, "I went out to the dock and said [to myself], "Don't cry. Let her cry first," I'm a pretty mushy guy... and I just wanted it to be perfect. I got down on one knee and I immediately [started weeping]."

Since tying the knot in December 2007, they have become parents to two girls, 6-year-old Winnie and 5-year-old Frances.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is currently suspended from taping until March 30, in lieu of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Jimmy continues to engage his fans and audiences with a 20-minute version, titled The Tonight Show: At Home Edition. The episodes are recorded from his house, usually starring members of Jimmy’s family, and guest interviews are conducted by video call.

We wonder which other couples Drew Barrymore has matchmade. Pass this along to your friends and family who don't yet know about this love story.