Jimmy Fallon And Alanis Morissette Do Impromptu Performance In NYC Subway Station In Disguise

Dec 06, 2019

Jimmy Fallon and Alanis Morisette gave New York City commuters the surprise of a lifetime as the two celebrities performed an impormptu set in a subway station in disguise.

The pair started off by performing “The Little Drummer Boy” in disguise. 

Jimmy Fallon wore a fake beard, a beanie and sunglasses while Morisette sported a blond wig and a pair of shades of her own. 


The commuters seemed to enjoy their performance but otherwise looked unfazed as they went along their busy days. 

At the end of the Christmas song, the Fallon and Morisette removed their disguises to reveal their true identitities,sending commuters into a frenzy.

The pair then started performing Morisette’s song “You Oughtta Know,” with many passersbys gathering around the celebrities.

The audience was by now in hysterics, taking videos and pictures of the performance and singing along to the 1995 hit.

Have you ever seen a celebrity sing undercover? What would you do if you were at the subway station that day? Let us know in the comments - and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!