Jimmy Durante’s Wistful Rendition Of "Young At Heart" Puts Tear In Listener's Eye

Aug 08, 2020 by apost team

Back in the Golden Era of entertainment, Jimmy Durante was one guy who could seemingly do it all. He made the audiences laugh when he went into his classic comedy routines. Durante, however, could also make people cry, as he did with his moving rendition of "Young at Heart."


Durante performed his version on television back in 1963. The song was already ten years old at the time, but audiences knew it well. To say Durante brought a unique spin to the song would be an understatement. Listeners can practically feel the emotion in his voice. The talented Durante, 70-years-old at the time of the production, knew how to strike an audience's emotional cords.


At some points, Durante half-speaks and half-screams the lyrics, which may seem odd. However, the approach works as Durante knew how to present his "character" in all his performances. The Lower East Side native played up his New York accent to the hilt. Durante's distinct voice and his classic comedy character made him a superstar, starting with his early vaudeville days. Durante's voice works perfectly in his rendition. That's one reason why people still watch videos of this performance decades after it first aired.

Jimmy Durante might be better known for his comedic acting. Sadly, most people only remember the legendary figure from brief clips on television specials or caricatures presented on old-time cartoons. However, during his heyday, Durante was a wildly popular figure known for his many talents. Besides acting and comedy, Durante excelled as a piano player and singer. Hopefully, videos of his musical performances may reach vast audiences online, and viewers can appreciate the man for his wide range of talents.

Perhaps watching the song performance may lead some to rent a few of his classic performances on DVD. The material remains timeless.

Maybe Jimmy Durante can bring a smile to someone you know. He delivered a wonderful rendition of "Young at Heart" in 1963. Why not let friends and family members who love old-time music, TV, and entertainment check it out?