Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Maxwell Wished For Her Grandpa Joe’s Cancer Treatment To Work On Her 11th Birthday

May 24, 2023 by apost team

Aside from blowing those candles and opening presents, Children look forward to their birthdays because they have the opportunity to make one wish every year. Many wish for a new toy, a new dress, or even a new sibling. However, for Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson, her birthday wish was more profound than any other, as she revealed in a new Instagram post. 

Jessica Simpson is an American singer, fashion designer and actress. She was signed to Columbia Records in 1997 at the age of 17 after performing for years in her church choir. Her debut album was released in 1999 and was called “Sweet Kisses.” The album sold two million copies in the United States. For her second album, Simpson began to mature, and the title track, “Irresistible,” entered the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Outside of her success as a singer, Simpson is known for the time she was married to fellow pop star Nick Lachey. The couple was married in 2002, and they became the subject of a new reality series called “Newlyweds,” which chronicled their lives as they figured out what it was like to be married. They stayed together for four years until they separated in late 2005. Their divorce was finalized in 2006. Four years later, she found love with NFL star Eric Johnson, whom she ultimately had three children with, one of which is Maxwell, who is her oldest. 

In a tearful Instagram post the actress shared on May 7, 2023, the singer gushed about her daughter Maxwell, detailing how she prayed to have a child since she was younger. Elsewhere in her birthday post about her daughter, she revealed a very touching wish her daughter had on her eleventh birthday. Keep on reading to know more about Maxwell’s birthday wish.

Jessica Simpson, Maxwell Drew Johnson (2020), (James Devaney/GC Images via Getty Images

Born on May 1, 2012, Maxwell’s birth coincided with the year of the launch of Simpson’s own maternity clothing business. In her Instagram post reflection, Simpson looked back on those moments. 

She said that Maxwell arrived into her life as a “sentient being seemingly not of this world.” 

“In the purest of form, her mind heart and soul ascended from the grace of heaven to shine in profound ways. I felt her purpose in my life when I was a kid and I would pray for my future daughter every single day and night,” she added. 

As she continued her recollection, she said that she read back on 30 years of conversations with God through her journal, and it clearly showed that Maxwell was already living inside of her heart and her purpose. 

But perhaps the most surprising and touching part of the anecdote was Maxwell’s "generous" 11th birthday wish. Just after the young lass blew her candles, she told her mother that the wish was actually for the whole family. 

“I said Maxi it should be your wish and she said 'we have the same wishes Mom,'" she recalled telling her child. Days later, Maxwell overheard Simpson receiving a text from her grandfather and asked her grandmother if she could share her wish with everyone if it came true already or if she would still keep the secret. 

Eventually, Simpson’s mother advised her to do so, only if she wanted to and if it had come true already. Turns out, Maxwell wished for Grandpa Joe's bone cancer treatment to work. 

“Thank you Maxi Drew for usin’ your wish on our family and most importantly, my Dad,” Simpson said about her Maxwell, among other beautiful descriptions and nice words. “The faith of a child is what keeps all of us ALIVE.”

Are you a fan of Jessica Simpson? What can you say about her daughter’s wishes? Have you wished for the same thing back then too? Let us know, and pass this on to your family, friends, and other loved ones!

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